Monday, November 19, 2012

Long Q&A

So, we've been slacking mommies! Actually we've been busy and I'm currently on limited Internet availability. So...what have we been up to??

LOTS of running! Lacey and I are BOTH running the Louisiana full marathon in January along with 2 other friends and two doing the half! Woo hoo! Love a good race weekend with a big fun group and especially these two mommies running together!!!

Lacey, who shall be referred to as speed demon, has been getting faster and more awesome by the day! She's also coaching runners, like for real, it's her job! I'm so jealous, but so blessed to have that expertise at my fingertips, but guess what?!? That means y'all do too!

While I'm constantly asking questions and still constantly having questions asked, here are just a few questions I've had lately and my answers...

1. How do I pick good shoes?

This one is tricky. Honestly, you need to go have someone at a reputable store help you. But my biggest bit of advice is somewhat new and hard for any non-confrontational types...if you but shoes and you do not like them (for running purposes, not fashion!) you can ALWAYS take them back. Shoes are a big investment and one of the more $$ things you'll buy, so don't let a store make you feel like you can't bring them back, even if you've run on pavement or not!

2. What about socks? What are good socks?

I love Feetures and New Balance because I like mine thin. Thorlos makes some great thick ones. Most importantly, they should NOT be cotton. **cotton and running gear are an absolute NO NO!!! = chaffing, ouch!! Buy a few pair of socks until you find ones you like and stick with them. As a rule I buy a new pair of socks for each race, one of my runner friends told me he does that and I adopted the practice!

3. Should I hurt?

My answer is YES! Just because you hurt doesn't mean you shouldn't/can't/aren't a runner. Your body has to adjust and different things will hurt throughout the journey. I started with shin splints, then had knee issues, on to hip pain, and low back pain. These can all be related & should gradually ease up, but then usually a new one appears! If something is nagging or gets constantly worse, see a doctor, do NOT run through immense pain. It is better to rest something a few weeks than to make a small injury serious & have up start back at square one after a long hiatus!

4. Do you have some good Christian songs to run to?

I do have a few, but I run mostly to a random assortment of all kinds of music including rap! However, a friend shared this link with me and it has great suggestions...

5. How long did it take you to love running?

Hmmm, well, years! I worked my way into running over a long period of time. When I was pregnant I didn't run since I have a history of miscarriage, but I dreamed I was running at least 3 times a week, so then I knew I was hooked! There are still days I don't want to lace up my shoes, but I have never regretted a run at all! Races make running more fun, they are addictive, just the camaraderie and the vibe in the air at a race is fun! If you're in a slump, sign up for a race, you won't be sorry!

6. What training plan do you use?

At this point I kinda do my own thing, but I started with a Hal Higdon plan, then used the ones in back of Marathoning for Mortals (my fav book), and basically have used a variance of it for my last 8 halves and my full. I suggest finding one that looks "doable" to you & go with that. Also, know that training plans are a guideline and missing a couple of runs throughout isn't tragic or the end. Just jump right back in where you left off (unless you miss more than 2-3 runs).

7. What's my "fuel" preference?

I like 2nd surge gels because they have no maltodextrin, so they're easier on my tummy. I like Luna protein bars for breakfast and PB&J! I love Nuun for hydration or G2. Cliff shot block, jelly belly sport beans, and all the Stinger products are good too!

Any more questions? Post them here or email us at

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