Tuesday, July 30, 2013

RFF...Run For Fun

I have been asked more times than I can count why I run?

Top 3 reasons:
1. Running keeps me sane, it is my stress release, it is my time to think just for me
2. I love good food and good wine, and occasionally a good beer
3. I know that running makes me the best me that I can be

Since I discovered the love of distance running I crave it.  If I had the time, I would totally run 12 miles a day or more. I have also discovered the love/hate relationship with speed and wanting to go faster.

Today I woke up with the whole right side of my face hurting from sinus pressure and told myself that it was ok to sleep in, especially since I knew that I would get to run outside this afternoon since CA is home. While thumbing through my facebook feed this morning there was a video clip posted from the Rocketchix Triathlon this weekend, of a girl that had been paralyzed from the waist down and basically told that she would never run a race again.
Here is the video clip

I cried my eyes out and said to myself I will run today, what is a silly sinus headache.

There is inspiration all around us, we just have to decide what our goals are.  My main goal is to continue to enjoy running for many years to come.  To me running is fun, and so is running fast, but running fast takes a lot of hard work...well for me at least! For some running fast comes naturally, like lots of the people that I am surrounded with on a daily basis.... CA for one.

I texted CA to see what time he would be home from work so that I could be ready to run when he got home. I told him it was my speed work day and I just wasn't feeling speedy. His response was; "then don't do it...RFF Run For Fun...always remember that."  I said I agree; I just really want to make you proud with my 45 minute 10k. He said; "I am proud that you have kept it up this long and remain so motivated. The times will come."

This was all that I need to get me fired up.

I will recap post run...

Happy Running Y'all