Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Down from the mountain

You know how people talk about "mountain top" experiences? That's how my long run Saturday felt. I loved it and was on a high from it until today! Today I came down from that mountain top experience with a tough run.

Sometimes I'm discouraged by a tough run, especially when they are short. That was my experience today and I hate that I get discouraged when I should be celebrating all runs. This concept got me to thinking about my run and suddenly I realized that I finished my run today in less time than I planned and I planned to run at a faster pace than I typically do! Back to the mountain top! It is exciting to see my body getting stronger and my times getting better even when some runs feel tough! 

Sometimes it's just the small things of getting yourself out if bed to run early so you don't miss a run, when what you really wanted was to sleep in!!! This morning I literally had to tell myself a litany of things to get out of bed including some of the following:
You never regret a run!
You will beat yourself up all day if you don't get up! 
PRs don't come without effort!
Don't forget what today is 8-6-13, honor those men who gave all two years ago today--that did it! 

What tough thing have you overcome this week? I think it's most important to remember to have fun! If you're not having fun you're doing it wrong!!! Retain the JOY of running! 

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Challenge Accepted

Many of you know that Lacey is a run coach, which I love more than any of you know because she's the rockingest coach there is! We make a smashing duo because we have different strengths and hers is making me a better, stronger, more confident runner. Currently I'm training for The Hottest Half in Dallas. This proves my lack of sanity just from the name, also because its in Dallas, in AUGUST! 

So, I tell her I want to PR at this race (again, psychosis must be setting in) and she quickly sends me a training plan. Not one she would give anyone else, but one she thought I would and could stick to. The thing is...I didn't! Vacation got in the way mostly, then I had a sinus infection, and blah blah blah blah blah, I wasn't training strong. I had a horrible speed session and was feeling defeated, but Coach challenged me. There is something you should know about me and that is I never back down from a challenge. Her challenge...14 miles on the wheel. Really?!? FOURTEEN miles on the dreadmill (yes, we both hate/love our wheels). Seriously y'all, to get through short runs we would have to send each other videos during our workouts! I thought she was the one who was crazy. I told my husband, who really didn't understand the challenge. I told him it had to do with mental endurance, and he was skeptical, heck, I was skeptical! I told her I would do it, but my heart was lacking conviction. 

Saturday I got up early so I'd have it done before Sugar woke up. By mile 4 I was done, bored, wanting to cry, just hating life! Then I hit mile 5 and something happened...Sugar woke up! What?!? Why was she awake so early? How would I ever finish? So I wet down and got her grabbed her a quick breakfast of finger food and milk and brought her upstairs and put on the TV. Before either of us knew it I was at 9 miles! I texted Lacey multiple times and was always met with cheers and encouragement, even when I said "I don't see 14 happening"! 

But then I was past 10 miles and the determination set in! For some reason my treadmill cuts off after 1hr and 40 mins, maybe it thinks longer than that running is insanity! I think it's thrilling! So I started it back up! The crazy thing is that boredom set in, so I started playing with the speed to shake things up a bit, my last 4 miles the pace was faster than I'd done on my first 10! 

EXHILARATING! That's what finishing that 14 miler on the wheel was for me! I certainly never thought I'd do that, or that Sugar would cooperate (she was restless the last 3 miles). But I will say, that was one of the most fun things I've ever done once I was done! It was a complete mental thing and it boosted my confidence like no other! I'm still on a runner's high from that! It made my 3 miles in the heat today feel like nothing! 

I felt guilty having Sugar parked in front of the TV so long (though she didn't mind), but then I realized I was teaching her something else. I was practicing hard work in front of her showing her that sometimes things don't go according to plan and you have to adjust. Having kids and running can be challenging, but sometimes you just have to be up for the challenge! Grateful my little running buddy is such a trooper! 

What challenge have you accepted and conquered? Find one and go for it! 

Happy running y'all!