Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Down from the mountain

You know how people talk about "mountain top" experiences? That's how my long run Saturday felt. I loved it and was on a high from it until today! Today I came down from that mountain top experience with a tough run.

Sometimes I'm discouraged by a tough run, especially when they are short. That was my experience today and I hate that I get discouraged when I should be celebrating all runs. This concept got me to thinking about my run and suddenly I realized that I finished my run today in less time than I planned and I planned to run at a faster pace than I typically do! Back to the mountain top! It is exciting to see my body getting stronger and my times getting better even when some runs feel tough! 

Sometimes it's just the small things of getting yourself out if bed to run early so you don't miss a run, when what you really wanted was to sleep in!!! This morning I literally had to tell myself a litany of things to get out of bed including some of the following:
You never regret a run!
You will beat yourself up all day if you don't get up! 
PRs don't come without effort!
Don't forget what today is 8-6-13, honor those men who gave all two years ago today--that did it! 

What tough thing have you overcome this week? I think it's most important to remember to have fun! If you're not having fun you're doing it wrong!!! Retain the JOY of running! 

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