Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Motivational statements

Today on Facebook, I saw two different postings that made me smile, the first one from Claim Your Journey seriously spoke to my week of running. The second from Runner's World just seriously made me laugh because only runners think that way!!

Both made me smile. I've had some bad runs lately, more bad than good honestly and that's hard. What seems strange is I've only contemplated quitting maybe twice, and by quitting I mean running altogether. Years back it would have only taken a bad moment to make me actually quit! My super long marathon training run I wanted to quit every step, but knew I wouldn't just from sheer determination, however, I did cut my speed work short yesterday! It was very hard for me, but I couldn't breathe well (asthma was winning in the humidity) and now that I'm a mommy I worry about taking care of myself. Where my single a/o non-mommy self would've pushed until I passed out, I worry too much about who will take care of sweet Sugar if something happens to me (her Daddy is awesome, I just mean from a mommy standpoint). I thought I'd just go out yesterday afternoon and do a few easy miles, but again Mommyhood stepped in as Sugar wasn't feeling well, so I had to get her from MDO and go to the doctor. I didn't feel right taking her out feeling bad, so we just snuggled up at home. Then I thought I might go after I put her down, but Foxy wanted to go to the gym and I had at least gotten in a short run. So yesterday didn't go as planned. Sometimes life gets in the way of your "plans", but getting back out there when you can is most important! I'm battling sinus infection, so hoping as it resolves so will these tough runs, then the good ones will mean that much more!!!

Happy Running y'all!

**post to come soon on form as Lacey and I have been discussing it a lot!!**