Saturday, June 30, 2012

Stroller warrior=Deni Fay!!!

Do mommies wear running shoes??
Well of course they do! Sometimes for a 5 miler or 26.2!
Sometimes mommies may not get to shower, but to there little ones they still smell as sweet as a flower!
Some mommies run fast and some mommies run slow, and the best feeling is hearing their little ones cheering go mommy go!
Some days are hot and some days it rains, but no matter the weather a good run keeps mommy sane.

I wrote this a while back and just haven't posted, well today I feel the need to post! Bug and I got to run with Deni and Cala for the first time ever! It was a blast! I was whooped! I have not pushed bug in the stroller for quite sometime, I definitely need to start doing that again! Totally different workout! Deni however, is a super stroller warrior! I definitely see a sub 2 hour half marathon in her near future!!! I can not wait until the next time we get to run together!!! I'm thinking it should be sometime in October when it is much less hot, and I will be sure to PMCS my stroller to make sure the tires are filled with air!

I will be resting my bones for the next two days before our 33k! 2 days of yoglates, 23 total miles, oh and push mowing our yard has taken a toll on my legs!

Oh, and lastly I will mention that Kenyan did 8 miles today in the time is takes me to do 6:/ ONE DAY I WILL CATCH HIM!!!

Happy running y'all! Lacey:)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

How to love your treadmill by Deni Troxclair

Ha!  I'm pretty sure that Lacey will agree with me on this post.  Neither of us are treadmill lovers.  Julie prefers to run on a treadmill, she watches movies and just enjoys herself (I'm making the last part up, she still claims to hate running).  Myself, I'd prefer some scenery, something to look at, or not look at, but certainly for what I'm passing to change, not continue to be the window out my game room that looks directly at my garage.  Watching tv does help and I was grateful for my DVR'd episode of Army Wives on Tuesday--kept me on the hamster wheel for an hour!

There are however, some benefits to the machine.  The main two being that you can beat this miserable heat right now without totally passing out (if you were to run outside), or just losing your mojo (if you just took a heat break), and the other being that it really really helps with speed.  I've started doing some intervals that I got off of pinterest, where I also find my nightly laugh on the "humor" board!  Sometimes I make up my own intervals.  Here are a couple I've done...

Off of Pinterest:
2 @ 4mph
1 @ 5mph
1 @ 5.5mph
1 @ 6mph
1 @ 6.5mph
1 @ 7mph
1 @ 7.5mph
1 @ 8mph

Repeat X 5

I liked this one because it changed so frequently, which keeps you from getting bored or annoyed.

Then the next time I did this one on my own

2.5 @ 4.5mph
2.5 @ 6mph
5 @ 7mph
2.5 @4.5mph
2.5 @ 6pmh
2 @ 7mph
1 @ 8mph
2 @ 7mph
2.5 @ 4.5mph
2.5 @ 6mph
2 @ 7mph
1 @ 8mph
2 @ 7mph
5 @ 6 mph
2 @ 5.5
2 @ 5
2 @ 4.5
2 @ 4
2 @ 3.5

That was fun too!

Tuesday I ran a mile in 8:32 (min/mile), which was awesome because I was outside and it was like 95 degrees.  That was pretty much all I ran and had to walk most of the way home.  Once I got home I did another mile at 6mph on the wheel and enjoyed the a/c, fans, and water bottle next to me!!!

Today I did my first mile in 8:01, then my next in about 8:32, my third in about 8:55.  I ran warm-up at 6mph (10 mins/mile), and a 20 min/2 miles.

Part of the reason I say this is to tell you that I started running at about a 12:30min/mile.  My first half I ran in 2:37:09, (which was my fastest until the one this March) that being an 11:59:10 mile/min pace.  Not fast at all.  I was still a runner, and I didn't get faster after that.  ran 3 more that year and two the next year and my times were always slower, so there wasn't improvement initially.  I just stuck to it and honestly a lot of it sucked.

You're probably wondering why I stuck with it?  Because failure in this was all on me, quitting was me giving up and I wasn't going down without a fight.  Truly I didn't think that it was any concern how fast I went, just that I went, and I STILL believe that.  I work on speed now because I can and I need new goals.  I kept running because finishing a race is the biggest high I've ever had in my life short of marrying my husband and having my daughter!  And I'll continue doing it because it really never gets old.

I think I strayed off of the topic a little, but the answer to loving your treadmill is for appreciating what it can do for you that outside running can't.  When you run outside you cannot maintain the exact same pace for a long amount of time (unless you're Susie, who I think is the best pacer I've ever seen!).  It helps train your body for stamina and allows you to try new things.  So, you're wondering if you can run at 8mph?  You can crank that up for just 30 seconds, or 10 seconds, or 5 mins!!! And just for reference 8mph is a 7.5min/mile!  Cool!

Lacey and I both try to run outside as much a possible, but with kids and husbands who work crazy hours, we have to find what works and when we have to hit the hamster wheel we usually complain to one another.  Then the other encourages the complainer!!!  Lacey challenged me to my first 9min/mile a while back, I'm pretty sure I blogged it, and I was on top of the world (and completely out of breath and had to walk afterwards!).  You really never know what your body can do until you try and you push it. The treadmill allows you to do that with visual tracking right in front of you.  And if at first you don't succeed, try, try again!!!

Now, get on that wheel and run like you stole something!!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Run to remember 33 for Lee

Kenyan works with a great group of guys. They have run several half marathons (with kenyan as their pacer, I like bragging on his speed! Because I just think its amaziing to be able to run that fast!!) together and get to run together most work mornings, how awesome is that!?! I think every profession should require a pre-work group run!

4 years ago the world lost an amazing person and heaven gained one more angel. Lee was taken too soon due to a brain aneurism. I had the pleasure of getting to go on several work trips with kenyan and got to know Lee pretty well. You were always laughing and most times debating over something when you were with Lee. On the first memorial of his death his best friend that works with Kenyan decided to start a memorial race and do it every year on Lees birthday, July 5 and run 33 miles which is how old Lee would've been on that first birthday. The first year the guys actually attempted 33 miles in 100 degree temps, many issues arose from this...let's just say the next year there was lots of body glide and extra shorts!...and it was turned into a 33k! Last year for 33 for Lee was the first time I ran 13.1. I thought about a lot of things during that run, mostly about how Lee was probably laughing at all of us and thinking how crazy we were for running that distance let alone in that heat!

The father of the guy that puts on the run comes out every year and has his motor home set up and food and drinks and every ones family comes out and all the guys share stories about Lee and it is just really amazing feeling to be around a group of grown men that for a day will talk about their feelings(if they read this they may kill me). Kenyan has been working with this group of guys now for 5 years going on 6, and they are all like family, it's a very unique bond they all have and I feel very fortunate to get to be a part of this run.

This year the race is taking place in July 3rd, which I realized last night is less than a week away, yikes!!! Im a little nervous!!! This year I am planning to do 20.1 miles which makes 33k. We are starting at 530 am before the heat index feels like 110! I will definitely be doing a follow up post to share stories from the run and tell you how my first time running that distance went!

Thanks for reading!!! We would live to hear your stories about running!!!

Happy running y'all! Lacey

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Not so smiley!

Today was one of those days that you don't smile so much running. My was 100 degrees, literally, and I'm pretty sure the humidity was 100000%, which makes it hard to breathe!

That being said, I ran my first mile in my fastest time I can remember! So once I could breathe again I did smile and I finished outside walking and only started running again once I was on my treadmill with the a/c, ceiling fan, and fan on my machine blowing on me!

So really I felt like I was running like I stole something to start and then there were smiles afterwards! Just know that even those of us who have been running a while struggle in this heat!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Can you Smile while you run?

If you had asked me this a few years ago I'd have told you NO!! When I started running it was hard and painful and I will not lie and say I loved it! I was proud that I was doing it and would often smile when I was done. After my first half I smiled a lot, but I usually didn't find myself smiling during a run.

After I had Sugar and hit the pavement again I found myself smiling more as I ran. My first run after delivery I smiled a LOT! It felt so good to be back out doing something that I realized I loved while being pregnant. It was during that time I came to see that I really loved running. I missed the challenge, missed the sweat, missed the solitude that was positive, missed the races, my running family, missed it all. While I was pregnant I dreamed I was running often, and became aware of just how much I enjoyed being out there.

Nowadays I find myself smiling a lot when I run, as I hit milestones and as I accomplish goals! I smiled a lot during my half in March, even through my marathon, then last week as I did speed work! I can honestly say now that I love running.

Some runs still suck and I don't smile at all and some days I choose not to run, which I think is good. Sometimes we have to quit the routine and do it just for the love of the sport! So try it, try to smile some when you run because you are out there hitting the pavement or the hamster wheel, you're moving and accomplishing something with every good run with every bad run. It doesn't matter how fast or how far or how often, just run!

Run like you stole something!! :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

WWP San Antonio 8k

This is a link that you can go to and donate money to the WWP which is an amazing organization! I invite you to check out the WWP website! Every time I open the page there is a picture of a different injured veteran and it immediately brings me to tears. My fingers shake as I type this.

So many injured soldiers are forgotten about when they come home from war where they have been fighting to protect our freedom and the freedom of our loved ones. At the top of the WWP page is this quote, "The greatest casualty is being forgotten."

I have been asked many times why I run, I have a lot of answers to that question. On September 16, 2012 I am running to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project! Kenyan and Bug will also be running! I told bug about the race this morning, and why we would be running and this was her response, "I'm going to run super fast to help those soldiers!" This makes me one proud runner mommy! I will definitely need to be wearing waterproof mascara this day!

I will share a couple stories about my little patriotic bug....Her godfather taught her this before she could barely say a sentence; when he asks her, "bug what are you?" and she screams "I'm an American!" I have a video of her singing every word to proud to be an American, she taught herself that song at 2 years old. It could be because that is the lullaby of choice that Kenyan sang to her as an infant. Every time I heard him singing that to her over the baby monitor it brought me to tears! It's like the song is a part of her!

Any donation helps, thank you in advance:)

Happy running y'all, Lacey

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy fathers day

If you have read any of my previous post you know that I refer to my husband as Kenyan! Why might you ask?? Because he is freakishly fast with little effort and it's just unfair! Well not really unfair, he has been running for over 30 years compared to my 8 years which is when I met Kenyan. I often think about our first run together and how I barely made it a 1/4 mile before I suggested he run ahead; and then he finished 6 miles before I had finished 4 miles! Now I am able to run at a descent pace next to him, but it still looks like he's walking when I'm giving it all I've got! Any who...

During my first half marathon I started having knee pain at around 8 miles, I still ran until then finish but it was definitely uncomfortable. Since then I've really started listening to Kenyan and correcting my form and trying to become a forefoot or midfoot striker. I'm not going to get to technical, but it totally makes sense why the impact on your joints is greater when you heel strike causing knee pain.

So yesterday was my off day from running, I had already run 27 miles for the week and planned to run mon-fri because I wanted to take sat and sun off bc it was fathers day weekend, and Kenyan was actually going to be home! (I love when my bug says is today an off day mommy or are you running today?, makes my heart smile) I decided while bug was napping I would do some plyo yoga exercises outside in the sun, it was a beautiful day. Kenyan got back from his errands right as I was about to do some sprints, so I asked him to come watch and critic me. He said ok but I'm not getting sweaty because I already took a shower.... So he told me to pick up my speed gradually from one tree to the next.(build ups)(I love when he uses technical running terms, my favorite is fartlek!) On my first attempt at a "build up" he said I have a lot of wasted movement in my arms, and that I should focus more on moving from my hips, bringing my knees up so that my legs are not moving behind me, I am putting on the brakes and slowing myself down. He said that basically I looked like a galloping horse! I remember my high school tennis coach telling me that I played tennis like a ballerina because I leaped at the ball! (sigh) He said don't take offense I am just trying to help you:) I didn't! It was invigorating, like I had a real running coach!

I loved it! For that 30 minutes, I felt like I was a young athlete training for the Olympics!

On my second pass he said my foot work was good, but I still have chicken arms:/ So he had to show me, he got sweaty:) I'm not exaggerating one bit because he's my Kenyan, he really is the perfect specimen of good running form and he makes it look so effortless! So then we proceeded to do high knees and that was fun too! I lost my balance and he said come on engage your core like you do in Yoga (LOVE HIM)! He even fussed me, I felt like I was getting yelled at by my high school cheer coach! He even gave me homework! He told me to watch videos of Usain Bolt, and how he leans forward and doesn't swing his arms behind his body, because by doing so I am basically putting on the brakes.

I had so much fun!!! And learned so much!!! I can't wait to see him coach our bug one day!!! I pray she gets his natural ability, and freakishly long legs, and makes it to the Olympics one day:)

Happy running y'all! Lacey

I took a picture of our mud room, I can say that I love buying running shoes over heels any day!!!.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summer heat does not equal defeat!!!

The summer heat has really had me feeling defeated, my pace has slowed down by a minute per mile and that has really left me mentally defeated! Even though Kenyan has told me several times that the heat and humidity will affect your pace, it was still weighing on me. I have really been focusing on staying hydrated but it still wasn't helping. I did a ten mile run yesterday carrying a water bottle part of the way and managed to average a 9:30 mile but the whole time I kept thinking about my last half marathon pace of 8:42(which I hope to bring down to 8 by October).

I may not have a good run tomorrow, but I sure did today!!! And really any run is a good run:)

I have never done an outdoor tempo run without Kenyan pushing me. I have had some very successful tempo runs on the treadmill, because to me it's way easier to set the speed and run even though I loathe the treadmill it does have a purpose. I especially enjoy when my bug is sitting on her lil stool next to me cheering GO FASTER MOMMY!!!

Fastest outdoor 4 miler=34:24!!!!!!! BAM!!! Summer heat does not equal defeat!!!8:21, 8:42, *insert peptalk to self*, 8:39, 8:38!!!

But of course in my bugs eyes I'm the faster runner:) She will tell me mommy you are super fast, you are even faster than daddy:) I wish! One day I'll catch Kenyan! Maybe when he's 70 and I'm 60!

Happy running y'all, Lacey

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Happy day after national running day!

Well I have started working part time at a local running store. Bug will be going to pre-k in the fall and since we live about 30 minutes from her school, I needed a way to use my trips to town wisely and make some extra cash. Bug has been going to summer camp at her school to ease the transition if starting big girl school, she loves it! I was really worried about changing her schedule since she still will take a 3 hour nap at home, but she is adjusting fabulously and can't wait to go back to camp and see her friends:)

I am really enjoying working at the running store and talking with people that have been running for years, and encouraging new runners to keep up the good work!

The humidity has been absolutely dreadful!!! For some reason I just do not remember the humidity ever affecting me like this before, maybe it's because I'm getting closer to the big 3-0! Agh!!! A guy came in the store yesterday who had just started running, and definitely needed more than a minimus shoe, and it was so great helping someone get started. I enjoy being able to be real with people, and tell them how running is always a challenge and that is what drives our want, our "addiction" if you will. Running does become addictive, you become addicted to the unknown of what the next run might bring.

I can not say enough how much I enjoy/cherish/love!!!!! There is really is just not quite the word to capture how awesome it feels to be an active running family! It truly warms my soul to know that Kenyan and I have a little runner in our bug!!! She just oozes with pride at the finish of a race, such an amazing feeling for a mom to see that look on your child's face!

I just think it is so awesome that there are more and more organizations encouraging runners of all ages and athletic ability, running is really only a competition against yourself in my opinion, well and for me against Kenyan! It's just unfair how freakishly fast he is! I hope bug gets his running legs!!!

I celebrated national running day with a nice little 4 miler, since I had done 8 the day before. The humidity was killer, but I'm satisfied with what I accomplished!

How did y'all celebrate national running day???
Happy running y'all!!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

National Running Day!!!

Happy National Running day from Do Mommies Wear Running Shoes! How are you celebrating?!?

I'm planning on a run this afternoon with Sugar in the BOB! Looking forward to logging some miles! Maybe working on some speed to get ready for my 5K on Saturday!

My race Saturday benefits the NICU at LSUHSC in Shreveport. If you're interested in donating or running just google "Run for Sarah, Shreveport". A family lost their baby girl after the mom was in a wreck while pregnant, so in her memory they are raising money for the NICU to buy another transport unit! Obviously, this story touched my heart, so of you want to help please do! I adore running for a cause! :)

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Rocket kids rookies

A few months back while bug and I were sprinting down the street where we live, someone came up to me and asked me; "why I run, what was my motivation?"
Well, I could give you probably 100 reasons; but there is one in particular that ranks pretty high... Deni said this in her post yesterday, she wanted her daughter to remember her mommy as always working out, and having a sweaty mommy!!! I could not have said it any better!
I am so glad that there are organizations like rocket kids, and girls on the run that promote running and triathlons for little kids! I truly hope that these type of organizations give our girls the strength not only physically but mentally to be them! To just be themselves and have confidence to do what they do! I love that there is a new mantra out there, "fit is the new skinny!" I hope that this alleviates lots of struggles that many of us as adults have had to overcome. I remember as a kid not wanting to go to my gymnastics meet because I was to worried what others would think of me and embarrassed I might fall off the beam. My first few races I had those same type of nerves, wondering what others thought as I ran by, I did not even smile in my race picture of my first 10k because I was to nervous to even be excited about my accomplishment of running 6.2 miles. My bug has more confidence in her 3 1/2 year little self than I have ever had! She has run a few 1 mile fun runs, and the look of pure joy and excitement on her faces she crosses the finish line and everyone is cheering for her is truly one of those priceless moments!

Yesterday in the car as we are headed to pick up "her packet," she said am I going to be in the jogging stroller for part of the race, I said no bugga this is your race. She said well where will you be, I said well mommy is going to be right next to you, she said I'm going to be racing other little kids, and I said yes, and then she said well I'm going to beat them because I'm super fast!

She found out about the race last weekend, Kenyan mentioned it to her and he said she was so excited! So I immediately registered her for it, not thinking about the fact that kenyan wS having oral surgery the day before and I would be the one swimming, biking, and running along side her! But, I will do just about anything for my bug, and I'm really going to try to bot cry the whole time! I don't think she actually realized that this was her race until we picked up "her packet" with "her race number!" She was extremely excited about the water bottle!

Post race recap:
To describe this event in one word I would simply say AWESOMENESS! The support and race coordinators did an amazing job! It was an amazingly well put on race!

Bug was beyond excited and raring to go when I woke her up at 6:10! We had to leave by 6:30, and we got there right on time! It was super official, I mean they even wrote her number on her arm! The water was freezing! We were both ready to be out of that water and running to the bike transition area! Bug had a little fall on the bike, but got right back up and was ready to go! The run was easy peasy! She sprinted the whole way!!! I will probably tear up Seeing her cross the finish line of every race she ever does, she is truly a gift from God and Kenyan and I are beyond blessed to be her parents!

What a great way to start a Saturday!!! Now the lil triathlete is asleep, and Kenyan and I are taking turns getting our run in!!!

Happy running y'all!