Tuesday, June 19, 2012

WWP San Antonio 8k


This is a link that you can go to and donate money to the WWP which is an amazing organization! I invite you to check out the WWP website! Every time I open the page there is a picture of a different injured veteran and it immediately brings me to tears. My fingers shake as I type this.

So many injured soldiers are forgotten about when they come home from war where they have been fighting to protect our freedom and the freedom of our loved ones. At the top of the WWP page is this quote, "The greatest casualty is being forgotten."

I have been asked many times why I run, I have a lot of answers to that question. On September 16, 2012 I am running to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project! Kenyan and Bug will also be running! I told bug about the race this morning, and why we would be running and this was her response, "I'm going to run super fast to help those soldiers!" This makes me one proud runner mommy! I will definitely need to be wearing waterproof mascara this day!

I will share a couple stories about my little patriotic bug....Her godfather taught her this before she could barely say a sentence; when he asks her, "bug what are you?" and she screams "I'm an American!" I have a video of her singing every word to proud to be an American, she taught herself that song at 2 years old. It could be because that is the lullaby of choice that Kenyan sang to her as an infant. Every time I heard him singing that to her over the baby monitor it brought me to tears! It's like the song is a part of her!

Any donation helps, thank you in advance:)

Happy running y'all, Lacey

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