Saturday, June 2, 2012

Rocket kids rookies

A few months back while bug and I were sprinting down the street where we live, someone came up to me and asked me; "why I run, what was my motivation?"
Well, I could give you probably 100 reasons; but there is one in particular that ranks pretty high... Deni said this in her post yesterday, she wanted her daughter to remember her mommy as always working out, and having a sweaty mommy!!! I could not have said it any better!
I am so glad that there are organizations like rocket kids, and girls on the run that promote running and triathlons for little kids! I truly hope that these type of organizations give our girls the strength not only physically but mentally to be them! To just be themselves and have confidence to do what they do! I love that there is a new mantra out there, "fit is the new skinny!" I hope that this alleviates lots of struggles that many of us as adults have had to overcome. I remember as a kid not wanting to go to my gymnastics meet because I was to worried what others would think of me and embarrassed I might fall off the beam. My first few races I had those same type of nerves, wondering what others thought as I ran by, I did not even smile in my race picture of my first 10k because I was to nervous to even be excited about my accomplishment of running 6.2 miles. My bug has more confidence in her 3 1/2 year little self than I have ever had! She has run a few 1 mile fun runs, and the look of pure joy and excitement on her faces she crosses the finish line and everyone is cheering for her is truly one of those priceless moments!

Yesterday in the car as we are headed to pick up "her packet," she said am I going to be in the jogging stroller for part of the race, I said no bugga this is your race. She said well where will you be, I said well mommy is going to be right next to you, she said I'm going to be racing other little kids, and I said yes, and then she said well I'm going to beat them because I'm super fast!

She found out about the race last weekend, Kenyan mentioned it to her and he said she was so excited! So I immediately registered her for it, not thinking about the fact that kenyan wS having oral surgery the day before and I would be the one swimming, biking, and running along side her! But, I will do just about anything for my bug, and I'm really going to try to bot cry the whole time! I don't think she actually realized that this was her race until we picked up "her packet" with "her race number!" She was extremely excited about the water bottle!

Post race recap:
To describe this event in one word I would simply say AWESOMENESS! The support and race coordinators did an amazing job! It was an amazingly well put on race!

Bug was beyond excited and raring to go when I woke her up at 6:10! We had to leave by 6:30, and we got there right on time! It was super official, I mean they even wrote her number on her arm! The water was freezing! We were both ready to be out of that water and running to the bike transition area! Bug had a little fall on the bike, but got right back up and was ready to go! The run was easy peasy! She sprinted the whole way!!! I will probably tear up Seeing her cross the finish line of every race she ever does, she is truly a gift from God and Kenyan and I are beyond blessed to be her parents!

What a great way to start a Saturday!!! Now the lil triathlete is asleep, and Kenyan and I are taking turns getting our run in!!!

Happy running y'all!

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