Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Run to remember 33 for Lee

Kenyan works with a great group of guys. They have run several half marathons (with kenyan as their pacer, I like bragging on his speed! Because I just think its amaziing to be able to run that fast!!) together and get to run together most work mornings, how awesome is that!?! I think every profession should require a pre-work group run!

4 years ago the world lost an amazing person and heaven gained one more angel. Lee was taken too soon due to a brain aneurism. I had the pleasure of getting to go on several work trips with kenyan and got to know Lee pretty well. You were always laughing and most times debating over something when you were with Lee. On the first memorial of his death his best friend that works with Kenyan decided to start a memorial race and do it every year on Lees birthday, July 5 and run 33 miles which is how old Lee would've been on that first birthday. The first year the guys actually attempted 33 miles in 100 degree temps, many issues arose from this...let's just say the next year there was lots of body glide and extra shorts!...and it was turned into a 33k! Last year for 33 for Lee was the first time I ran 13.1. I thought about a lot of things during that run, mostly about how Lee was probably laughing at all of us and thinking how crazy we were for running that distance let alone in that heat!

The father of the guy that puts on the run comes out every year and has his motor home set up and food and drinks and every ones family comes out and all the guys share stories about Lee and it is just really amazing feeling to be around a group of grown men that for a day will talk about their feelings(if they read this they may kill me). Kenyan has been working with this group of guys now for 5 years going on 6, and they are all like family, it's a very unique bond they all have and I feel very fortunate to get to be a part of this run.

This year the race is taking place in July 3rd, which I realized last night is less than a week away, yikes!!! Im a little nervous!!! This year I am planning to do 20.1 miles which makes 33k. We are starting at 530 am before the heat index feels like 110! I will definitely be doing a follow up post to share stories from the run and tell you how my first time running that distance went!

Thanks for reading!!! We would live to hear your stories about running!!!

Happy running y'all! Lacey

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  1. Love this idea, the concept, and you taking on the challenge!!! Knowing you're going to rock it and that we'll have a great post for Saturday--I'm SO PUMPED!!!!