Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy fathers day

If you have read any of my previous post you know that I refer to my husband as Kenyan! Why might you ask?? Because he is freakishly fast with little effort and it's just unfair! Well not really unfair, he has been running for over 30 years compared to my 8 years which is when I met Kenyan. I often think about our first run together and how I barely made it a 1/4 mile before I suggested he run ahead; and then he finished 6 miles before I had finished 4 miles! Now I am able to run at a descent pace next to him, but it still looks like he's walking when I'm giving it all I've got! Any who...

During my first half marathon I started having knee pain at around 8 miles, I still ran until then finish but it was definitely uncomfortable. Since then I've really started listening to Kenyan and correcting my form and trying to become a forefoot or midfoot striker. I'm not going to get to technical, but it totally makes sense why the impact on your joints is greater when you heel strike causing knee pain.

So yesterday was my off day from running, I had already run 27 miles for the week and planned to run mon-fri because I wanted to take sat and sun off bc it was fathers day weekend, and Kenyan was actually going to be home! (I love when my bug says is today an off day mommy or are you running today?, makes my heart smile) I decided while bug was napping I would do some plyo yoga exercises outside in the sun, it was a beautiful day. Kenyan got back from his errands right as I was about to do some sprints, so I asked him to come watch and critic me. He said ok but I'm not getting sweaty because I already took a shower.... So he told me to pick up my speed gradually from one tree to the next.(build ups)(I love when he uses technical running terms, my favorite is fartlek!) On my first attempt at a "build up" he said I have a lot of wasted movement in my arms, and that I should focus more on moving from my hips, bringing my knees up so that my legs are not moving behind me, I am putting on the brakes and slowing myself down. He said that basically I looked like a galloping horse! I remember my high school tennis coach telling me that I played tennis like a ballerina because I leaped at the ball! (sigh) He said don't take offense I am just trying to help you:) I didn't! It was invigorating, like I had a real running coach!

I loved it! For that 30 minutes, I felt like I was a young athlete training for the Olympics!

On my second pass he said my foot work was good, but I still have chicken arms:/ So he had to show me, he got sweaty:) I'm not exaggerating one bit because he's my Kenyan, he really is the perfect specimen of good running form and he makes it look so effortless! So then we proceeded to do high knees and that was fun too! I lost my balance and he said come on engage your core like you do in Yoga (LOVE HIM)! He even fussed me, I felt like I was getting yelled at by my high school cheer coach! He even gave me homework! He told me to watch videos of Usain Bolt, and how he leans forward and doesn't swing his arms behind his body, because by doing so I am basically putting on the brakes.

I had so much fun!!! And learned so much!!! I can't wait to see him coach our bug one day!!! I pray she gets his natural ability, and freakishly long legs, and makes it to the Olympics one day:)

Happy running y'all! Lacey

I took a picture of our mud room, I can say that I love buying running shoes over heels any day!!!.

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