Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summer heat does not equal defeat!!!

The summer heat has really had me feeling defeated, my pace has slowed down by a minute per mile and that has really left me mentally defeated! Even though Kenyan has told me several times that the heat and humidity will affect your pace, it was still weighing on me. I have really been focusing on staying hydrated but it still wasn't helping. I did a ten mile run yesterday carrying a water bottle part of the way and managed to average a 9:30 mile but the whole time I kept thinking about my last half marathon pace of 8:42(which I hope to bring down to 8 by October).

I may not have a good run tomorrow, but I sure did today!!! And really any run is a good run:)

I have never done an outdoor tempo run without Kenyan pushing me. I have had some very successful tempo runs on the treadmill, because to me it's way easier to set the speed and run even though I loathe the treadmill it does have a purpose. I especially enjoy when my bug is sitting on her lil stool next to me cheering GO FASTER MOMMY!!!

Fastest outdoor 4 miler=34:24!!!!!!! BAM!!! Summer heat does not equal defeat!!!8:21, 8:42, *insert peptalk to self*, 8:39, 8:38!!!

But of course in my bugs eyes I'm the faster runner:) She will tell me mommy you are super fast, you are even faster than daddy:) I wish! One day I'll catch Kenyan! Maybe when he's 70 and I'm 60!

Happy running y'all, Lacey

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  1. Seriously! The heat is rough, but it can be conquered. Still if you're pace has slowed, that's ok, just keep moving! Consider accepting a slower pace or going shorter distance, either are fine!!

    Way to PR that 4 miler, Lacey!!! Run mommy run!