Thursday, June 7, 2012

Happy day after national running day!

Well I have started working part time at a local running store. Bug will be going to pre-k in the fall and since we live about 30 minutes from her school, I needed a way to use my trips to town wisely and make some extra cash. Bug has been going to summer camp at her school to ease the transition if starting big girl school, she loves it! I was really worried about changing her schedule since she still will take a 3 hour nap at home, but she is adjusting fabulously and can't wait to go back to camp and see her friends:)

I am really enjoying working at the running store and talking with people that have been running for years, and encouraging new runners to keep up the good work!

The humidity has been absolutely dreadful!!! For some reason I just do not remember the humidity ever affecting me like this before, maybe it's because I'm getting closer to the big 3-0! Agh!!! A guy came in the store yesterday who had just started running, and definitely needed more than a minimus shoe, and it was so great helping someone get started. I enjoy being able to be real with people, and tell them how running is always a challenge and that is what drives our want, our "addiction" if you will. Running does become addictive, you become addicted to the unknown of what the next run might bring.

I can not say enough how much I enjoy/cherish/love!!!!! There is really is just not quite the word to capture how awesome it feels to be an active running family! It truly warms my soul to know that Kenyan and I have a little runner in our bug!!! She just oozes with pride at the finish of a race, such an amazing feeling for a mom to see that look on your child's face!

I just think it is so awesome that there are more and more organizations encouraging runners of all ages and athletic ability, running is really only a competition against yourself in my opinion, well and for me against Kenyan! It's just unfair how freakishly fast he is! I hope bug gets his running legs!!!

I celebrated national running day with a nice little 4 miler, since I had done 8 the day before. The humidity was killer, but I'm satisfied with what I accomplished!

How did y'all celebrate national running day???
Happy running y'all!!!

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