Wednesday, September 18, 2013


First I'll start by saying I really like making up words and rhyming!

During most of my runs I always seem to solve some major problem I have lingering out there. Do you feel this way on your runs?

I also plan things out, make lists, schedules, decided how I can fit in my next run without it affecting anyone else's schedule. I also come up with runnerisms...

1.) You might be a runner if; you've picked up clothes out if the dirty clothes basket, smelled them, triaged them for the least smelly and decided they would do for today's run!

I have become way more relaxed with my running, meaning if my watch isn't charged its not the end of the world!

2.) you might be a runner if, you have walked around in a circle with your wrist facing the sky waiting to here your watch signal that the GPS has acquired!

2a.) cleared your trip miles in your vehicle and driven a route to see your exact mileage, and then when you realized you ran further then expected you suddenly feel like you should contact your favorite running shoe brand because surely they will want to sponsor you due to your awesomeness!

3.) you come up with words like run naked and your friends and family do not think you are crazy, well crazier than they already naked=sans electronics! Try it it's invigorating! (This does not mean running without highly technical fabric covering your unmentionables)

More to for a run which I'm sure to have solved the healthcare crisis and figured out a way for all people everywhere to live in peace!

Happy running y'all!