Thursday, May 31, 2012


A lot of runners I talk to say that they have to have a goal to stay motivated, and I must agree. I know some people can just go out and run 6 miles a day with nothing but the joy to drive them. I crave running just like the other crazies, but I am just too scattered to go out with no goal in mind.

What do you do after a full? Some looneys say another, and again, I'd have to agree, BUT not anytime soon, so in the meantime, what will be my next goal?

I decided that it's speed! Around where I live you can find a 5K pretty much every weekend, so I decided its too hot for super long running for me right now (I'm a pansy, not gonna lie), so I'd utilize these 5Ks and try for PRs!

Honestly, I can't remember what my actual PR is in a 5K, but I've broken an hour in a 10K, therefore my goal next weekend is to break 30 mins for my 5K. Foxy says I'll do that no problem, the clincher this time is that I'll have Sugar with me in the BOB (have I mentioned how much I love this thing???)! It's one thing to run full out on my own, but a completely different ball game with the stroller. I'm also concerned that there will be some hills on this course, we shall see!

Today I took to the trail here, in midday with Sugar in the BOB & did speed work. I looked online & basically got the instruction to do 400s at 8 seconds below your desired goal pace. Which would be 2.25 mins for me or 2min 15sec for 400m, which is a quarter mile. The first few I didn't time specifically, just pushed it for the distance. Then I started mixing it up and would run hard (as fast as I could still breathe) for .1 miles, then walk .1, and did that for a while, then back to .25 miles & so on. We took a break in the middle so Sugar could swing a few minutes!

It was SO.MUCH.FUN!!! Yes, I'm one of those crazy people that thinks pushing yourself to impossible limits is fun, and you know what, every time I sped up Sugar would giggle and kick her legs. She is my personal cheerleader! And when I was done I felt strong, healthy, powerful! Those are things mommies should strive to be, not skinny and perfect and always put together!

I want Sugar to remember mommy sweaty and smiling when she's older. I hope she can always say, "I can't remember my mom not working out and she was always more fun afterwards!"! That's my ultimate goal!!!

What's your current goal?

Monday, May 21, 2012

Left, left, left, right, left.....

Bug and I were spending the weekend out of town with Kenyan who had to work. Bug was super excited because she was going to get to use her new swimming skills!

Can I tell you, I am one very lucky mommy runner, even when Kenyan is working his butt off he still finds a way for me to run! Kenyan's plan was for me to meet him at his work after bug had taken her afternoon nap, and I could go for a run. My legs were still killing me, but I was very excited to run in this cute little town of breaux bridge! My plan was to do an easy 4 miler, and I had my new newtons to try!!! (Well of course I had already tested them in the hotel hallway!!!!)

He had warned me to not wear anything to flashy to run in, well all I had were my hot pink calf sleeves and I had to wear then bc my legs were still soooooo sore from doing 3 two a days in a row!!!...and my newtons are hot joked and asked him if I should run in a sweat suit, he said that was not necessary:)

So I pull up to Kenyans work and there is about 30 soldiers standing outside....I see Kenyan, but I'm not about to get me and bug out of the car before texting him to come get us! My heart was racing like I was about to run some marathon! So Kenyan gives me the route to run and there I am standing on the corner waiting for my gps to acquire....because in my mind a run didn't really happen unless u have it stored on your watch! Ha!

So I'm feeling great, legs still a little sore, new shoes feeling phenomenal!
It was extremely hot out, but there was a little bit of a breeze. At around 1.5 miles I started having period cramps(yuck!) I kept trying to push through and run harder, but the cramps were pretty bad, so I decided to just do 3.1 instead of 4 and I was ok with that. I got yelled at 3 times by people driving by, and surprisingly all 3 people said the same thing; "keep it up!" This is such a sweet little town! A man weed eating his yard even stopped when I ran by, so as not to fling anything at me, I thought that was super nice too!

Well I finish up my run back at Kenyan's work, and bug is having a blast playing some big girl games with "big girls" as she says:) Kenyan comes over and asks me how it was, and I tell him hot, but a pretty place to run. Then I ask him why he did not tell me there would be 30 soldiers standing there?!? He said awe it doesn't matter...and then tells me one of the guys said sir, I can't believe you made your wife go run in this heat?!? That same guy suggested I go run with the soldiers for their PT test in the morning, but as fun as that sounded I had to head back home early in the morning.

Kenyan even ate fried fish! Kenyan never eats fried food! Bug on the other hand is part Cajun, and loves some fried fish ever since having it at her papas! I had some too, it was probably the best fried fish I'd ever eaten in my life!

Hope y'all enjoyed my story! Happy running y'all!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

2 a day= man I'm whooped!

So the bug is in swim lessons and during her lesson they do not allow parents to watch. They offer a 30 minute crossfit class for parents, so I was very excited about that! I really enjoyed it, it was a great workout! I still felt like I should run on the treadmill during naptime, so I did a slower paced 4 miles. I was kinda feeling like a super mom with all the things I had accomplished yesterday, Sams and Walmart in one day...thankfully I was full of endorphins bc Walmart gives me extreme anxiety! Bug requested her new book Brave before naptime(great book, based on new Disney movie about mom and daughter relationships) it was a long book, we were both falling asleep, however I mustered up some energy got dinner prepared to start once I was done on the treadmill, and by 5 when Kenyan was getting home I had dinner done and the bug was still napping, swim lessons wore her out! I gave my report to Deni who is also a rocking supermom!!!

ARE YOU MOM ENOUGH!!! Kidding!!!!

I may have this type of productivity once a week! Being a supermom is what you feel works for you and your family! Do not let one some one else does influence your thoughts or ideals on being a great mommy or wife! We are all individuals, however a good workout is great for every mommy mood!

Today is the day after, and I'm sooo sore! Definitely no two a day for me today!

Happy running y'all!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

More Marathon Pics

I realized that I had pics from the race on my "big girl" camera, not just my iPhone, so I thought I'd share a few of those...

Sugar and Foxy waiting on Mommy
Here comes Mommy and Juju

Mommy is all done!

Julie is really excited about her cheeseburger!

Family photo (don't you love Sugar's running outfit?)

Seriously, best cheeseburger EVER!!!


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

SOLEmates!!!(get it)--Accountability partners

I know I'm so cheesy! It ain't easy being cheesy! OK enough of that!

So Deni and I started this blog as a way to not only share our thoughts and experiences with running, but also as a way to possibly motivate other moms to run. It has also helped keep me motivated!

I read a little article from about misconceptions of runners and of course the one that stuck out to me was how if you have a family you must miss a lot of time with them. That is so not the case for Deni or myself. I usually run before most of the world is awake(well not lately bc of SNAKES! Yikes!!!) so I've been running on the treadmill during naptime, or outside during naptime if Kenyan is home. Me and my bug also run together if the day permits, and we also cross train together. We do yoga together all the time, and we also do some plyo metrics or set up a fun obstacle course(which is definitely a work out!)

Any who, there are ways to get your RUNS DONE(I love to rhyme!)

Having someone you check in with and have to cheer you on is a great way to stay motivated! As I get closer to the big 3-0!!!! My hormones must be changing because I tear up so easily! Well I got a great lil happy in the mail from my SOLEmate!!! I about boo hooed! So most of you know I am married to a Kenyan(not really, he's just super fast!)

Accountability partners are definitely great if they are your neighbor, or sister, or best friend that you get to see everyday; but they can also live on a completely different state and make you feel just as motivated! I still do not LOVE the treadmill but it holds a place in my workouts, because I'm trying really hard to get super speedy and catch up to Kenyan. I may not accomplish this in 2012, but hopefully by 2013!!!! So I will usually send Deni a message saying how much I hate the treadmill as I'm standing on it staring at the start button! Running is such a MENTAL game, when you realize that you can run further than you ever dreamed!!!

We love your feedback and question:)
Happy running y'all!!!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Girls on the run 5k = Great saturday!

Our morning started very atypical...I was actually on time! Well that is until we get half way down the road and bug says where's my race number??? Thankfully she has a good memory! I
always tell her what we need at the store, and she really helps me remember! Thank goodness she said something, bc I probably would not have remembered!

I registered for this race a while back knowing Kenyan would be working, and it would just be me and the bug. I knew I'd be pushing her in the BOB. She was super excited, and the minute she woke up was ready to put on her running gear!

Girls on the run is an amazing organization! Also Run Louisiana, you should look them up!!! I look forward to leighton being old enough to be a part of girls on the run one day! I think they start in 4th grade. I heard several mentors chatting with little girls as they ran along side them, I teared up several times, amazing amazing I tell you! This was a lot of these little girls first time ever running that distance, and it was HOT! I take for granted how far I've come has a runner, many people still have a difficult time running a 5k, thanks to bug and Kenyan I am a way better runner than I would be with out them! I got in the back so I didn't run into the back of anyone's feet, bug said we needed a horn...I laughed out loud! It was definitely a challenging course for pushing the BOB, but it was just a fun run:) I told bug when we got close to the finish I would let her run. It is the most amazing feeling seeing everyone cheer for her and high five her! She loves it! You can feel the pride exuding from her little body! I again teared up!

At the end of the race I gave her her medal and kissed her, she said mom I love your sweaty kisses! I teared up again! I know I tear up a lot!!! I can not imagine what her first day of pre-school will be like!!!!

There were little girls singing on the stage, very talented might I add! Leighton thought we were at a concert, I again teared up to see the look of excitement on her face!!! We danced and sang, and bug even did her first line dance! Thank goodness she has her dads rhythm! Then we waited in line for the photo booth, SO MUCH FUN!!! It amazes me to see her interact with other adults, it's like she's not even 3 1/2! She is my little BFF, and an awesome running partner as well!!!

I know this post wasn't all about running, but I wanted to share this because running is such a great way to connect with your family and your local community!

So get out there and RUN!!! Happy running y'all!!!

Please leave feedback, or if you have any questions!