Wednesday, May 9, 2012

SOLEmates!!!(get it)--Accountability partners

I know I'm so cheesy! It ain't easy being cheesy! OK enough of that!

So Deni and I started this blog as a way to not only share our thoughts and experiences with running, but also as a way to possibly motivate other moms to run. It has also helped keep me motivated!

I read a little article from about misconceptions of runners and of course the one that stuck out to me was how if you have a family you must miss a lot of time with them. That is so not the case for Deni or myself. I usually run before most of the world is awake(well not lately bc of SNAKES! Yikes!!!) so I've been running on the treadmill during naptime, or outside during naptime if Kenyan is home. Me and my bug also run together if the day permits, and we also cross train together. We do yoga together all the time, and we also do some plyo metrics or set up a fun obstacle course(which is definitely a work out!)

Any who, there are ways to get your RUNS DONE(I love to rhyme!)

Having someone you check in with and have to cheer you on is a great way to stay motivated! As I get closer to the big 3-0!!!! My hormones must be changing because I tear up so easily! Well I got a great lil happy in the mail from my SOLEmate!!! I about boo hooed! So most of you know I am married to a Kenyan(not really, he's just super fast!)

Accountability partners are definitely great if they are your neighbor, or sister, or best friend that you get to see everyday; but they can also live on a completely different state and make you feel just as motivated! I still do not LOVE the treadmill but it holds a place in my workouts, because I'm trying really hard to get super speedy and catch up to Kenyan. I may not accomplish this in 2012, but hopefully by 2013!!!! So I will usually send Deni a message saying how much I hate the treadmill as I'm standing on it staring at the start button! Running is such a MENTAL game, when you realize that you can run further than you ever dreamed!!!

We love your feedback and question:)
Happy running y'all!!!


  1. So glad to have found such a great SOLEmate! You didn't mention how fast you're getting, that Kenyan magnet is going to no longer be a dream, but a reality!!!

  2. Awe thx!!! I put them on the treadmill! I was gonna put them on my car, but leighton said mommy WE might lose them:)