Monday, May 21, 2012

Left, left, left, right, left.....

Bug and I were spending the weekend out of town with Kenyan who had to work. Bug was super excited because she was going to get to use her new swimming skills!

Can I tell you, I am one very lucky mommy runner, even when Kenyan is working his butt off he still finds a way for me to run! Kenyan's plan was for me to meet him at his work after bug had taken her afternoon nap, and I could go for a run. My legs were still killing me, but I was very excited to run in this cute little town of breaux bridge! My plan was to do an easy 4 miler, and I had my new newtons to try!!! (Well of course I had already tested them in the hotel hallway!!!!)

He had warned me to not wear anything to flashy to run in, well all I had were my hot pink calf sleeves and I had to wear then bc my legs were still soooooo sore from doing 3 two a days in a row!!!...and my newtons are hot joked and asked him if I should run in a sweat suit, he said that was not necessary:)

So I pull up to Kenyans work and there is about 30 soldiers standing outside....I see Kenyan, but I'm not about to get me and bug out of the car before texting him to come get us! My heart was racing like I was about to run some marathon! So Kenyan gives me the route to run and there I am standing on the corner waiting for my gps to acquire....because in my mind a run didn't really happen unless u have it stored on your watch! Ha!

So I'm feeling great, legs still a little sore, new shoes feeling phenomenal!
It was extremely hot out, but there was a little bit of a breeze. At around 1.5 miles I started having period cramps(yuck!) I kept trying to push through and run harder, but the cramps were pretty bad, so I decided to just do 3.1 instead of 4 and I was ok with that. I got yelled at 3 times by people driving by, and surprisingly all 3 people said the same thing; "keep it up!" This is such a sweet little town! A man weed eating his yard even stopped when I ran by, so as not to fling anything at me, I thought that was super nice too!

Well I finish up my run back at Kenyan's work, and bug is having a blast playing some big girl games with "big girls" as she says:) Kenyan comes over and asks me how it was, and I tell him hot, but a pretty place to run. Then I ask him why he did not tell me there would be 30 soldiers standing there?!? He said awe it doesn't matter...and then tells me one of the guys said sir, I can't believe you made your wife go run in this heat?!? That same guy suggested I go run with the soldiers for their PT test in the morning, but as fun as that sounded I had to head back home early in the morning.

Kenyan even ate fried fish! Kenyan never eats fried food! Bug on the other hand is part Cajun, and loves some fried fish ever since having it at her papas! I had some too, it was probably the best fried fish I'd ever eaten in my life!

Hope y'all enjoyed my story! Happy running y'all!

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  1. Love it! Love the bright colors and that Kenyan showing you off to his friends! :)