Wednesday, May 16, 2012

2 a day= man I'm whooped!

So the bug is in swim lessons and during her lesson they do not allow parents to watch. They offer a 30 minute crossfit class for parents, so I was very excited about that! I really enjoyed it, it was a great workout! I still felt like I should run on the treadmill during naptime, so I did a slower paced 4 miles. I was kinda feeling like a super mom with all the things I had accomplished yesterday, Sams and Walmart in one day...thankfully I was full of endorphins bc Walmart gives me extreme anxiety! Bug requested her new book Brave before naptime(great book, based on new Disney movie about mom and daughter relationships) it was a long book, we were both falling asleep, however I mustered up some energy got dinner prepared to start once I was done on the treadmill, and by 5 when Kenyan was getting home I had dinner done and the bug was still napping, swim lessons wore her out! I gave my report to Deni who is also a rocking supermom!!!

ARE YOU MOM ENOUGH!!! Kidding!!!!

I may have this type of productivity once a week! Being a supermom is what you feel works for you and your family! Do not let one some one else does influence your thoughts or ideals on being a great mommy or wife! We are all individuals, however a good workout is great for every mommy mood!

Today is the day after, and I'm sooo sore! Definitely no two a day for me today!

Happy running y'all!

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