Sunday, May 6, 2012

Girls on the run 5k = Great saturday!

Our morning started very atypical...I was actually on time! Well that is until we get half way down the road and bug says where's my race number??? Thankfully she has a good memory! I
always tell her what we need at the store, and she really helps me remember! Thank goodness she said something, bc I probably would not have remembered!

I registered for this race a while back knowing Kenyan would be working, and it would just be me and the bug. I knew I'd be pushing her in the BOB. She was super excited, and the minute she woke up was ready to put on her running gear!

Girls on the run is an amazing organization! Also Run Louisiana, you should look them up!!! I look forward to leighton being old enough to be a part of girls on the run one day! I think they start in 4th grade. I heard several mentors chatting with little girls as they ran along side them, I teared up several times, amazing amazing I tell you! This was a lot of these little girls first time ever running that distance, and it was HOT! I take for granted how far I've come has a runner, many people still have a difficult time running a 5k, thanks to bug and Kenyan I am a way better runner than I would be with out them! I got in the back so I didn't run into the back of anyone's feet, bug said we needed a horn...I laughed out loud! It was definitely a challenging course for pushing the BOB, but it was just a fun run:) I told bug when we got close to the finish I would let her run. It is the most amazing feeling seeing everyone cheer for her and high five her! She loves it! You can feel the pride exuding from her little body! I again teared up!

At the end of the race I gave her her medal and kissed her, she said mom I love your sweaty kisses! I teared up again! I know I tear up a lot!!! I can not imagine what her first day of pre-school will be like!!!!

There were little girls singing on the stage, very talented might I add! Leighton thought we were at a concert, I again teared up to see the look of excitement on her face!!! We danced and sang, and bug even did her first line dance! Thank goodness she has her dads rhythm! Then we waited in line for the photo booth, SO MUCH FUN!!! It amazes me to see her interact with other adults, it's like she's not even 3 1/2! She is my little BFF, and an awesome running partner as well!!!

I know this post wasn't all about running, but I wanted to share this because running is such a great way to connect with your family and your local community!

So get out there and RUN!!! Happy running y'all!!!

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  1. Cannot wait for Sugar to be big enough to run too! Love that Bug and her enthusiasm!!!!