Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Motivational statements

Today on Facebook, I saw two different postings that made me smile, the first one from Claim Your Journey seriously spoke to my week of running. The second from Runner's World just seriously made me laugh because only runners think that way!!

Both made me smile. I've had some bad runs lately, more bad than good honestly and that's hard. What seems strange is I've only contemplated quitting maybe twice, and by quitting I mean running altogether. Years back it would have only taken a bad moment to make me actually quit! My super long marathon training run I wanted to quit every step, but knew I wouldn't just from sheer determination, however, I did cut my speed work short yesterday! It was very hard for me, but I couldn't breathe well (asthma was winning in the humidity) and now that I'm a mommy I worry about taking care of myself. Where my single a/o non-mommy self would've pushed until I passed out, I worry too much about who will take care of sweet Sugar if something happens to me (her Daddy is awesome, I just mean from a mommy standpoint). I thought I'd just go out yesterday afternoon and do a few easy miles, but again Mommyhood stepped in as Sugar wasn't feeling well, so I had to get her from MDO and go to the doctor. I didn't feel right taking her out feeling bad, so we just snuggled up at home. Then I thought I might go after I put her down, but Foxy wanted to go to the gym and I had at least gotten in a short run. So yesterday didn't go as planned. Sometimes life gets in the way of your "plans", but getting back out there when you can is most important! I'm battling sinus infection, so hoping as it resolves so will these tough runs, then the good ones will mean that much more!!!

Happy Running y'all!

**post to come soon on form as Lacey and I have been discussing it a lot!!**

Monday, November 19, 2012

Long time...plus Q&A

So, we've been slacking mommies! Actually we've been busy and I'm currently on limited Internet availability. So...what have we been up to??

LOTS of running! Lacey and I are BOTH running the Louisiana full marathon in January along with 2 other friends and two doing the half! Woo hoo! Love a good race weekend with a big fun group and especially these two mommies running together!!!

Lacey, who shall be referred to as speed demon, has been getting faster and more awesome by the day! She's also coaching runners, like for real, it's her job! I'm so jealous, but so blessed to have that expertise at my fingertips, but guess what?!? That means y'all do too!

While I'm constantly asking questions and still constantly having questions asked, here are just a few questions I've had lately and my answers...

1. How do I pick good shoes?

This one is tricky. Honestly, you need to go have someone at a reputable store help you. But my biggest bit of advice is somewhat new and hard for any non-confrontational types...if you but shoes and you do not like them (for running purposes, not fashion!) you can ALWAYS take them back. Shoes are a big investment and one of the more $$ things you'll buy, so don't let a store make you feel like you can't bring them back, even if you've run on pavement or not!

2. What about socks? What are good socks?

I love Feetures and New Balance because I like mine thin. Thorlos makes some great thick ones. Most importantly, they should NOT be cotton. **cotton and running gear are an absolute NO NO!!! = chaffing, ouch!! Buy a few pair of socks until you find ones you like and stick with them. As a rule I buy a new pair of socks for each race, one of my runner friends told me he does that and I adopted the practice!

3. Should I hurt?

My answer is YES! Just because you hurt doesn't mean you shouldn't/can't/aren't a runner. Your body has to adjust and different things will hurt throughout the journey. I started with shin splints, then had knee issues, on to hip pain, and low back pain. These can all be related & should gradually ease up, but then usually a new one appears! If something is nagging or gets constantly worse, see a doctor, do NOT run through immense pain. It is better to rest something a few weeks than to make a small injury serious & have up start back at square one after a long hiatus!

4. Do you have some good Christian songs to run to?

I do have a few, but I run mostly to a random assortment of all kinds of music including rap! However, a friend shared this link with me and it has great suggestions...

5. How long did it take you to love running?

Hmmm, well, years! I worked my way into running over a long period of time. When I was pregnant I didn't run since I have a history of miscarriage, but I dreamed I was running at least 3 times a week, so then I knew I was hooked! There are still days I don't want to lace up my shoes, but I have never regretted a run at all! Races make running more fun, they are addictive, just the camaraderie and the vibe in the air at a race is fun! If you're in a slump, sign up for a race, you won't be sorry!

6. What training plan do you use?

At this point I kinda do my own thing, but I started with a Hal Higdon plan, then used the ones in back of Marathoning for Mortals (my fav book), and basically have used a variance of it for my last 8 halves and my full. I suggest finding one that looks "doable" to you & go with that. Also, know that training plans are a guideline and missing a couple of runs throughout isn't tragic or the end. Just jump right back in where you left off (unless you miss more than 2-3 runs).

7. What's my "fuel" preference?

I like 2nd surge gels because they have no maltodextrin, so they're easier on my tummy. I like Luna protein bars for breakfast and PB&J! I love Nuun for hydration or G2. Cliff shot block, jelly belly sport beans, and all the Stinger products are good too!

Any more questions? Post them here or email us at twomommiesrun@gmail.com

Also, head over to my friend's new blog about running with diabetes...

Monday, September 17, 2012

Wounded Warrior Project 8k

Two of my favorite Songs to sing in my head when a run gets tough are; "even in my weakest days I get a little but stronger, and what doesn't kill you makes you stronger!" Well, now I will also have a lasting image of a Wounded Warrior running on a Nike prosthetic leg through pretty treacherous terrain. I'm not even using the word treacherous in exaggeration one bit, my description of the course can not be justified by description, I really wish I could have videoed the whole course! Serious holes and rushing water, hills, uneven terrain, this was definitely more of an adventure race, not just a regular 8k! God was definitely present during this run, not one fall or injury, and I can not say enough how crazy this course was! For those of you that know me well, no how terrified I am of snakes, honestly I think that's what kept me moving so fast over the water that you could not see through! I was also trying to keep up with the lead pack so I didn't get lost because the course was not marked very well because it had been washed away by all the water. I stayed with jake for a while, but the course was so narrow and I was not aggressive enough to fight for my position:) jake finished about a mile ahead of me and came back a pushed me to run hard for my last mile. I love when CA pushes me, I also live that at the end he told me that was my best kick ever! He said I should be proud if the race I ran, and he knows I can do it even faster! LOVE HIM!!! I am definitely proud of my time of 40:38, I really wanted to break 40, but I know that with an even terrain I would have, so it makes me feel even more fierce! I truly am shocked I ran as well as I did considering we literally ran through water for 5 miles! I held back tears quite a few times as soldiers yelled oorahhhh, and told the wounded warriors thank you for your service! I lost it when jake went and shook a wounded warriors hand after he finished the race, he ran that race like he did not have a prosthetic leg, truly amazing strength!! I am so thankful to everyone who donated to team Witte! I think team Witte represented well in San Antonio today!!!

My little bug also raced today! This kid is gonna be a fierce competitor one day! It was pouring down rain and she couldn't wait to get out there and run! The look on her face when she crossed the finish line can only be described as priceless! She makes me one proud momma!!! I'm hoping she gets her daddy's running legs!

After we got back to the hotel and had lunch and got bug down for her nap, I headed out for another 6 miles. I had 11 on my schedule so I had to get it in. Well, I definitely got some hill training in today! I don't think I ran on flat terrain for longer than a quarter mile! It was still raining, but it actually felt really good! I saw deer along the route and the trees were so green and pretty, and I didn't run with music for both of my runs today! It was nice to listen to nature for a change!!

I am typing all this the day after and am pleasantly surprised that I am not more sore! I did make a point to stretch really well! I can not emphasize how important it is to stretch! My foot was kind of bugging me through some of the run mainly because of the wet shoes and my foot sliding all around but it surprisingly feels pretty good considering. Gonna do another 6 in a little while when CA gets back from his run. I'm hoping he found a better route, or I'll be running on the treadmill! The bug says today is her rest day! I love that she knows running lingo, makes my heart smile to know we are raising a happy little runner!!!!!

Happy running y'all!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Half PR

I'm gaining on Lacey!! Hahahaha!  I'm not gonna catch her, but at least I came in under two hours 1:56:51 to be exact!  How fun.  Not gonna lie, I'm still relishing in it today, and may do so for a while!!!

I ran with a super runner mommy, who is one of my favorite people for a million reasons.  She's kinda my hero because she's older than me as runs like she's 20!  A few years ago, she was playing indoor soccer and broke the crap out of her leg, I mean it was serious!  Many people would've quit trying to run, would've thrown in the towel and been defeated, but many people wouldn't have been her!  She and her husband  (who is running 50 marathons in 50 states, because well, he's insane!) are in the process of adopting two children from Haiti, who are 8 & 10 and she runs I think to keep her sanity because she has three other children!  She fits most of her runs in on the treadmill, she says she prefers that, but let me just tell you what a machine she is...

She has run so many halves she can't remember the number
She has run like 7 fulls, including the Marine Corps, which is hard core!
She is a military wife, and lived through seminary with her husband (some people may not understand that significance, but it is a challenging thing!!)
She rarely uses any gels or anything, so imagine how fast she would be if she did!?!?
Without speed work and with a nagging ankle pain she ran that half with me like it was no body's business!

We've wanted to run together for a while, but I now know that until now I couldn't have kept up with her speediness!  Also, since she's a youth director she has a hard time making races that are on Sundays, so thank you Oklahoma City for my second memorable race especially for making it on a Saturday!!!

As for the race itself, the only complaint that I had for this one was that there was no sports drink on the course or afterwards.  That is hard when you are used to having sports drink.  Otherwise a fabulous race, nice flat course, beautiful run, and thankfully unlike the full, the weather was picture perfect as well!  OKC seems to be very runner friendly, so I highly recommend heading there for a race if you're looking!

Pumped about that finish--nice hair!

All done, need gatorade or something!

Love a good race and a neon shirt!

Ready to run!
Happy running y'all!!!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Hurricanes Run Away!

Well, I have awoken this morning with lots of thoughts on my mind regarding running and hurricanes! It seems like over the past 8 years those to things have been connected in my life quite a few times.

I have mentioned that I began running when I met my husband, and well lets just say I also have a strong hate for hurricanes because of him also.

In August of 2005, he surprised me with a trip to Disney for my birthday(this was before the bug was born, he LOVES disney) Well we arrived back from our trip early due to the looming tropical storm Katrina. I will remember these next few days and exactly how they occurred for the rest of my life. He got the call saying we needed to evacuate. We had no time to pack up anything, so we grabbed our bags still packed from Disney, and we headed out; Jake said Lacey don't forget your running shoes! I grabbed them but I did forget my heart rate monitor. Jake grabbed one uniform, one set of running clothes, and his running shoes. We loaded up in the military vehicle, and said goodbye to his Jeep that we did not know we would not see again. When we realized the magnitude of the storm, I headed back to New Orleans the next day to grab the cats(yes we almost left them there, I still think about that vividly until this day) I was stuck in 8 hours of contra-flow traffic with a dog and two cats just watching the gas gage as it would get lower, so fearful to pull off and get gas and lose my spot in this line of traffic.

Well Katrina hit! and the unimaginable occurred! Jakes apartment flooded. He was working 20 hour days, and a run for him was not even possible, but he still carried his running stuff with him in his vehicle everyday; as I type this today I wonder if he carried that stuff because it was all he had left or if he really thought he would get to break away from the General and go for a run. As the stress of everyday built one on top of the other, Jake encouraged me to run and would ask me how my runs went everyday. I am tearing up as I am typing down these thoughts. I have often times thought how many times in my life running as saved me, saved me from my own thoughts, and saved me from wallowing in stress and sadness.

I will never forget the smell as we drove into the city for the first time after the storm. That smell is burnt into my memory for life. As we drove up onto North Claiborne, there was a house in the road! I started crying! This was 3 weeks after Katrina, and one week after Rita; his apartment flooded twice. When we pulled in through the gate, the guard said LT you can't stay in there very long, try not to breath in much; and then he said this; "watch out for snakes!" This was the one time those words did not scare me. I wanted to salvage whatever we could, even though I knew we couldn't take anything. I was not expecting what we were about to see, the refrigerator was in front of the door, so we climbed in through the window. There was one thing that I was really trying to find that day, it was an award he had received after his deployment. Everything was everywhere and nothing really made sense. He said Lacey its ok, lets go we aren't gonna find it. I never once thought about the possibility of finding a snake, I lifted up the couch cushion, and there was the award! It was made of glass and literally must have been the first thing to hit the floor and everything else fell on top. I screamed, Jake jumped, you know how when you are so excited words wont come out, that what happened. He thought I had seen a snake, I finally was able to say I found it! It was the only clean spot on the whole carpet where that glass plaque had laid down.

During my run the next day (back then a 45 minute run was a huge achievement for me) I ran like I had never run before. I cried several times during that run, it took me a very long time to get over the material things that we lost. What we gained in love and appreciation for each other during that time, and how from then on running became a part of my life, can never be measured in material things.

to be continued....

Saturday, August 18, 2012

I love a 10 miler!!!

Haha! But seriously I do! Having dealt with infertility and loss for years, being able to bust out a 10 miler makes me feel semi in control of my body. It's a bit a my own personal "Booya" to infertility!!

This morning I planned to start 10 @ 7am, but it was storming here and I'm actually scared to run in wet because I don't want to fall, but actually the lightening kept me at bay.

When Sugar went down for her morning nap I decided to tackle the beast! My longest run since my full in April (was it really that long ago?!? I'm still feeling pretty proud of that!!). Typically starting a long run at 10:30am in August is misery, but...

Dear Storm, Thank you for bringing in lower temperatures so my run started around 74* with a pleasant breeze!! Sincerely, Mama on a 10 mile run!

It was nice and I ran faster than I intended, and my sister brought me water because she's awesome!! I ran the hills here, which can be brutal but also make me feel strong.

Do I really love a 10 miler? The truth is yes!!!! I love saying "yeah I ran 10 miles this morning!" and still being able to walk, busting out a few dance moves during it, and knowing where I started versus where I am now! It's satisfying!!

No matter where you are, how fast or how slow, get out there and see what you can accomplish because you never know how much you can do until you try!

Enjoy the run!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Stretch! Stretch! Stretch!!!

Lacey and I both are currently nursing injuries, so is our good pal Skinner. I'm having knee pain, so is Skin, and Lacey has a foot injury.

Upon discussing it, Lacey pointed out that when she starts making good progress in running she quits stretching as much. Thinking on it, I realized I do the same, it's like we suddenly take it for granted.

I'm of the school of thought that you don't stretch cold muscles, so no stretching before you've got your body warmed up. Pretty sure Lacey feels the same way because Captain America (aka Kenyan--Lacey will explain), always has us run some, then stretch really well, then run more.

We both love yoga. Lacey is like a professional, I'm serious, you should see her in a full bow pose--it's unreal! I started out barely being able to touch my toes and now can do quite a few poses proficiently. But if I don't keep up the stretching, I almost always get hurt, IT band issues, SI joint problems, most of which end up manifesting in my knee.

I'm not saying you have to master crazy poses or be a yogi, but stretching is important. As you use muscles, they build up lactic acid and stretching helps release some of that. As it builds up you get tighter and tighter and can (almost always will) end up hurt.

As a mom I know it's hard to fit in everything you want to do in a day, much less extra stretching. But you can stretch anywhere! We both stretch while blow drying our hair, flip that hair upside down and blow it out that way, gives it more body and loosens up your hammies, your back, your neck, your shoulders, tons of stiff joints! Stretch while you're sitting on the floor with kiddies, move the laundry basket to your left right and lean our to pull out the next thing!

If you have questions or want us to post some pics, just let us know! We'd be glad to!

Also, wish Lacey I happy birthday--it's a big one ;)

**pic is me in pigeon pose per Lacey's suggestion for my knee. One leg straight begin you, other leg at a right angle in front of you, bend over the front. If that hurts (like it did me for years), just put one leg behind you and the other in front, pull front foot closer to you for less stretch and don't lean over it. As Leandro on Brazil Butt Lift says "stretching is not about pushing, it's about allowing"--in his thick Brazilian accent!!***

Friday, August 10, 2012

Olympic Fever!!!!

These runners are so freaking amazing!  I think I've cried more in the past few days watching them (mostly the women) win medal after medal after medal!  I'm not sure how you even get to go to the Olympics, but I want to go!  I want to get out there and win a gold for the USA!  I'm extremely patriotic, these women are my running heroes.

I'm not sure how much anyone else is following all of the running, but the women's marathon had 116 (I think, I know the most EVER) women start the race,  and a few had to drop out including our own Desiree Davila (due to a hip flexor injury that happened a month ago, can you imagine training all that time, then having to stop a few miles in like that?).  Our other two Americans finished 10th and 11th, seriously, Kara Goucher's (Lacey's hero) has a baby that is not even two years old and she came in 11th in the freaking Olympic marathon!!!!

I'll say this, it's pretty obvious that I'm not that beast (however I dream in my head), but watching them run in the rain I really felt for them.  My (only) marathon was in rain very similar and when I tell you that that changes everything, honestly it does.  I'll give you a comparison, mine took me 5:11 (that is hours and minutes peeps) and these women finished in 2:26--the whole freaking marathon in less than half the time it took me!  The course was FULL of curves and twists and crazy crap, then add in the rain and these women are so hardcore it makes my teeth hurt!

Did you know that the relay they ran tonight was in WORLD RECORD time--they (women) got the first gold since 1996 in that race, and the demolished the world record! They didn't beat it by a few seconds, but by nearly a minute.

Also, one of our Americans got tripped in the 1500m and completely fell and didn't get up!  All of that work, all of that training and someone tripped her (quite obviously not on purpose, but I still would have wanted to beat that girls butt)!!! It to me is gut-wrenching to watch someone lose their dreams like that, in a moment.

I'm also watching the men do the 4X4 relay and one of our men was shot IN THE LEG like 4 years ago and still made it to these Olympics! WHAT?!!?  One of the guys who helped qualify us for the finals of this race broke his fibula during that qualifying leg, yeah, got us to the finals while running on a broken leg (broke during the race).  Um, my leg kinda hurts, oh yeah, it's broken!!  Um, yeah, we still qualified for the finals!  Our men have held the gold on this relay for 60 years, but tonight got silver--BOO HISS!  But they ran their hearts out!  Plus that super fabulous Pitorius ran in the relay, who is he you ask, a freaking DOUBLE AMPUTEE!  How awesome is that?!!?

I need to go to sleep because I am running in the morning and I'm too pumped up!  Dang you Olympics, you're making my sleep even worse!!!!!  Too much fabulousness on the track y'all!!

So, in the am I'll be running like I stole something with one of my favorite college ladies who completed her first half earlier this year--made my heart smile for real!!

Run run run, maybe you or your daughter will bring us home a gold one day!!!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

How about a PR?

Lacey keeps telling me to blog about this and I've just been busy, but I'll tell my shorter long version of it...

When I started running I was doing great to finish a 5K in 40 mins.  I'm not exaggerating and I don't think that is anything to be ashamed of or to keep to myself.  I was out of shape, had honestly never really been "in shape".  Unlike most people I know I never played sports or danced or cheered or anything of the sort.  But at that point I was lapping everyone on the couch.

Speed was never a real concern for me because I was just so pumped to be accomplishing a run at all.  I still do NOT think speed defines a runner, I stand by that always.  However, it is fun to challenge yourself to new goals and well, I'm not trying to run longer than a full marathon, so speed work it is!

For a long long time I had wanted to break 30 mins for a 5K, but really thought that coming under 31 would be huge, so I aimed for that.  In May I accomplished that goal coming in at 30:55 in a 5K in the blazing heat pushing Sugar in the stroller.  So, what does a crazy person do but try to go for more.  Honestly, Lacey is a lunatic and keeps pushing me and giving me pointers.  Foxy does the same, always saying, "That's cool, but I bet you could do it in...".  For the Firecracker 5K, which is known for being sweltering heat, I had a goal in mind.  Doing lots of speed work I knew what I was capable of, so I was really mad at myself when I decided to do a cleanse the week of the 5K (which fell on a Wednesday), and honestly completely lost my juice in the last half mile.  I still set a PR at 28:54 (I think), but I was really disappointed.  My running pal, Skinner, was with me and helped push me to finish and said I shouldn't be disappointed, but I was.  I knew how hard I had been working and knew that I could do better.  So, I hit the hamster wheel some more, pounded the pavement, and kept working hard and found another 5K to sign up for, The Hot Pursuit 5K.  Yep, it was hoooooooottttttt!

That was the first race I've ever gone and run completely alone.  Usually I plan it with someone and meet someone there, I have plenty of friends who run, but seriously everyone was busy that day!  So, I left Sugar with my friend and headed out solo in the heat and tore out of the gate as best I could.  Those races aren't chip timed, so I was super OCD about starting my watch at the start/finish lines.  It was hot and I could feel it, but I also knew that I was doing pretty well.  I didn't use my Nike app or watch the time at all because I was worried I'd stress myself out.  When I crossed the finish and looked down to hit my watch to stop and my time said 25:51!!!  Holy moly!  That was 3 mins faster than the firecracker, so I knew then that my disappointment at the previous race was well served and it pushed me to accomplish even more.

So, what do you do after you set a PR like that in 5K?  Go for faster in a half I guess ;)  Training and working towards that now--lots of effort, energy, and sweat.  Watching these Olympic races, the women mostly, has really inspired me.  While I probably won't go to the Olympics for running, I know that I can continue to work towards my own personal best and push myself as hard as I can to show my daughter that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to and much more when you put in hard work!  Heck one of the men who came to the Olympics (and didn't qualify for the finals) has only been running for 4 years (though I'm pretty sure he's been athletic forever by the looks of him!)!!!  Four years and he's at the Olympics--that is amazing!

Run like you stole something and smile when you do!!!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Light up the night with a PR!!!

I recently read something about runners and it asked questions like, do you plan your vacations around running a race? Do you run on vacation? Yes to both of these! Kenyan and I also plan our date nights around running and running races. We had the opportunity to have a date night last night and run a 5k, and thanks to Kenyan pushing me the whole way I got a smoking PR of 22:58!!!! I even ran my first mile in 7:20! I never dreamed of being able to run that fast, and after Kenyan asked me how I felt and I I didn't feel dead, he said well now you know you can run even faster!! Yikes!

For now my goal is keeping an 8 minute pace for 13.1! I really enjoy the fact that I am getting faster because it means I can run further in the same about of time!

Running is soooooo mental! I can not say that enough! I know if Kenyan would've run his pace, I would not have pushed myself to run as fast as I did having him push me. When I heard my watch beep at the one mile mark and I looked down and saw 7:20, and I told Kenyan and I really wasn't ever so tired at that fast of a pace. The only time I really struggled was when we had to do a loopty loop through a parking lot, but after that Kenyan kept pushing me, telling me come on pass them up, pick it up, come on half mile left here's where you kick....it was exhilarating!!!

So now we are going to take turns running during the bugs naptime. Im not going to try and run a 7:20 pace, but I am going to push myself a little harder than I have been, now that I know what I am capable of! Plus, it is so much fun to challenge yourself and exceed that challenge!!! I can't push myself to hard, because the bug said when she wakes up from her nap she wants to work on her fitness:)

Happy running y'all!!! Lacey

Picture captain: Kenyan would not takes serious picture, oh well:)

Saturday, July 7, 2012

It's getting hot in here!!!

The bugs godfather wanted to keep her for the night, so Kenyan and I got to have a date night which never happens! So we decided to make the best use of our time, and get to bed early and get in a workout in the morning before heading to get bug.

Well, I had convinced Kenyan to come with me to yoglates!!! Yoglates is done in a studio that gets over 95 degrees! You drip with sweat after 10 minutes! It is the most amazing workoutIi have ever experienced! I was sooooo excited!!!! I've been trying to get him to go for over 2 years and finally!!!! His plan was to go to the 8:30 class then go run 4 miles, I thought he was CRAZY but I just went with it. He did great in the class! I was so impressed!! He did admit that it was tough and actually said he would like to go again!!!

****I forgot I had to add that Kenyan kept asking why it had to be so hot, he was soaking wet after class and felt he should mop the floor for them****

He still wanted to run 4 miles, so i ate a banana laced up my shoes and off we went! I was very nervous about not finishing and passing out and waking up in an ambulance to the smell of ammonia!!! Kenyan said come on you made me a stronger yogi, now let me make you a stronger runner! Well that's like saying you better not stop running!!

At 3 miles I was thinking he must have gotten an extra life insurance policy!!! So I picked up the pace and I finished that 4 miles and man did I feel tough! We even chatted most of the run! At the end he said now thats how you train!

I feel so great!!!!

Happy running y'all! Lacey

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

33 for Lee Recap

We got started right before 6am. The temperature was actually really nice through out the run, even breezy at some points. I was thinking Lee definitely gave us those cooler temps, since the week prior almost everyday hit 100!!! At the start of the run all 30(apx) runners ran together for the first 2.5 miles. It was really cool getting to run with "the guys." Everyone was joking and telling stories and I forgot my headphones were in a few times so I talked really loud! Ha! Not me:)

The first 5miles felt like they came and went in no time, after the 2.5 mile mark I ran with Kenyan and two other guys which was really cool because I was able to keep pace with them, even though it was a slow pace for them! The plan was to do 4- 5 mile loops around the smaller lake. Oh and I forgot to mention, someone stole our ice chest! I hope it was someone who was really in need of an ice chest full of cold water!

On the second loop I told Kenyan to go ahead, I didn't want to try and run a faster pace and feel sluggish towards the end, because it was just a fun run and a distance to see if I could complete it. So he left me, and I never saw any of the other guys again. At 12 miles I realized I WAS going to finish, and I teared up. A wave of emotion came over me and I thought about all the people running and how they were running in remembrance of Lee, and that's when I really teared up. The guys are of all different athletic ability, but for this one day they join together to run distances that they have never run before in memory of a fellow soldier and good friend.

Up to 15 felt like a piece of cake well not really, but I didn't struggle until the last 5 miles. The last 1.5 miles were brutal, I have never had a cramp in my calf during a run, so that was a first.

After I was done running I sat, well kinda moaned then sat and enjoyed watching bug and all the other kiddos out there playing. One of the guys dads brings a motor home and has food and everyone sits around and chats, it's always a fun time listening to all the guys joke and pick on each other. It was especially funny watching bug "fuss" one of the guys for saying stupid, which is a bad word! She put her hands on her hips and told him that was not a nice word and he should not say it!

After everyone packed up and cleared out we headed to the pool, I don't think cold pool water has ever felt soooo good!

Happy running y'all! Lacey

PS, to my surprise I was able to walk this morning(the next day) so I decided it would be a good idea to go to yoglates and work out all the kinks, so glad I did!!!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Two Mommies Run TOGETHER!!!

There is no better thing than a supportive running buddy who encourages you, challenges you, and never criticizes you, but pushes you beyond what you thought you could do! Lacey is my running guru (with a little help from Kenyan)! Thanks to her I started doing real speed work and have gotten so much faster, so yesterday was a real treat to run with her and Bug. 4-5 months ago I'd never have dreamed I could hang with her for any amount of distance, but yesterday we hung in together, slower than we know we can do in optimal conditions, but not too shabby still (considering the heat, the lack of cloud cover, and pushing our girls!!)!

Truly one of my favorite runs to date, the scenery around the BR lakes was pretty nice too! Just looking forward to cooler temps to go again!! :)

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Stroller warrior=Deni Fay!!!

Do mommies wear running shoes??
Well of course they do! Sometimes for a 5 miler or 26.2!
Sometimes mommies may not get to shower, but to there little ones they still smell as sweet as a flower!
Some mommies run fast and some mommies run slow, and the best feeling is hearing their little ones cheering go mommy go!
Some days are hot and some days it rains, but no matter the weather a good run keeps mommy sane.

I wrote this a while back and just haven't posted, well today I feel the need to post! Bug and I got to run with Deni and Cala for the first time ever! It was a blast! I was whooped! I have not pushed bug in the stroller for quite sometime, I definitely need to start doing that again! Totally different workout! Deni however, is a super stroller warrior! I definitely see a sub 2 hour half marathon in her near future!!! I can not wait until the next time we get to run together!!! I'm thinking it should be sometime in October when it is much less hot, and I will be sure to PMCS my stroller to make sure the tires are filled with air!

I will be resting my bones for the next two days before our 33k! 2 days of yoglates, 23 total miles, oh and push mowing our yard has taken a toll on my legs!

Oh, and lastly I will mention that Kenyan did 8 miles today in the time is takes me to do 6:/ ONE DAY I WILL CATCH HIM!!!

Happy running y'all! Lacey:)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

How to love your treadmill by Deni Troxclair

Ha!  I'm pretty sure that Lacey will agree with me on this post.  Neither of us are treadmill lovers.  Julie prefers to run on a treadmill, she watches movies and just enjoys herself (I'm making the last part up, she still claims to hate running).  Myself, I'd prefer some scenery, something to look at, or not look at, but certainly for what I'm passing to change, not continue to be the window out my game room that looks directly at my garage.  Watching tv does help and I was grateful for my DVR'd episode of Army Wives on Tuesday--kept me on the hamster wheel for an hour!

There are however, some benefits to the machine.  The main two being that you can beat this miserable heat right now without totally passing out (if you were to run outside), or just losing your mojo (if you just took a heat break), and the other being that it really really helps with speed.  I've started doing some intervals that I got off of pinterest, where I also find my nightly laugh on the "humor" board!  Sometimes I make up my own intervals.  Here are a couple I've done...

Off of Pinterest:
2 @ 4mph
1 @ 5mph
1 @ 5.5mph
1 @ 6mph
1 @ 6.5mph
1 @ 7mph
1 @ 7.5mph
1 @ 8mph

Repeat X 5

I liked this one because it changed so frequently, which keeps you from getting bored or annoyed.

Then the next time I did this one on my own

2.5 @ 4.5mph
2.5 @ 6mph
5 @ 7mph
2.5 @4.5mph
2.5 @ 6pmh
2 @ 7mph
1 @ 8mph
2 @ 7mph
2.5 @ 4.5mph
2.5 @ 6mph
2 @ 7mph
1 @ 8mph
2 @ 7mph
5 @ 6 mph
2 @ 5.5
2 @ 5
2 @ 4.5
2 @ 4
2 @ 3.5

That was fun too!

Tuesday I ran a mile in 8:32 (min/mile), which was awesome because I was outside and it was like 95 degrees.  That was pretty much all I ran and had to walk most of the way home.  Once I got home I did another mile at 6mph on the wheel and enjoyed the a/c, fans, and water bottle next to me!!!

Today I did my first mile in 8:01, then my next in about 8:32, my third in about 8:55.  I ran warm-up at 6mph (10 mins/mile), and a 20 min/2 miles.

Part of the reason I say this is to tell you that I started running at about a 12:30min/mile.  My first half I ran in 2:37:09, (which was my fastest until the one this March) that being an 11:59:10 mile/min pace.  Not fast at all.  I was still a runner, and I didn't get faster after that.  ran 3 more that year and two the next year and my times were always slower, so there wasn't improvement initially.  I just stuck to it and honestly a lot of it sucked.

You're probably wondering why I stuck with it?  Because failure in this was all on me, quitting was me giving up and I wasn't going down without a fight.  Truly I didn't think that it was any concern how fast I went, just that I went, and I STILL believe that.  I work on speed now because I can and I need new goals.  I kept running because finishing a race is the biggest high I've ever had in my life short of marrying my husband and having my daughter!  And I'll continue doing it because it really never gets old.

I think I strayed off of the topic a little, but the answer to loving your treadmill is for appreciating what it can do for you that outside running can't.  When you run outside you cannot maintain the exact same pace for a long amount of time (unless you're Susie, who I think is the best pacer I've ever seen!).  It helps train your body for stamina and allows you to try new things.  So, you're wondering if you can run at 8mph?  You can crank that up for just 30 seconds, or 10 seconds, or 5 mins!!! And just for reference 8mph is a 7.5min/mile!  Cool!

Lacey and I both try to run outside as much a possible, but with kids and husbands who work crazy hours, we have to find what works and when we have to hit the hamster wheel we usually complain to one another.  Then the other encourages the complainer!!!  Lacey challenged me to my first 9min/mile a while back, I'm pretty sure I blogged it, and I was on top of the world (and completely out of breath and had to walk afterwards!).  You really never know what your body can do until you try and you push it. The treadmill allows you to do that with visual tracking right in front of you.  And if at first you don't succeed, try, try again!!!

Now, get on that wheel and run like you stole something!!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Run to remember 33 for Lee

Kenyan works with a great group of guys. They have run several half marathons (with kenyan as their pacer, I like bragging on his speed! Because I just think its amaziing to be able to run that fast!!) together and get to run together most work mornings, how awesome is that!?! I think every profession should require a pre-work group run!

4 years ago the world lost an amazing person and heaven gained one more angel. Lee was taken too soon due to a brain aneurism. I had the pleasure of getting to go on several work trips with kenyan and got to know Lee pretty well. You were always laughing and most times debating over something when you were with Lee. On the first memorial of his death his best friend that works with Kenyan decided to start a memorial race and do it every year on Lees birthday, July 5 and run 33 miles which is how old Lee would've been on that first birthday. The first year the guys actually attempted 33 miles in 100 degree temps, many issues arose from this...let's just say the next year there was lots of body glide and extra shorts!...and it was turned into a 33k! Last year for 33 for Lee was the first time I ran 13.1. I thought about a lot of things during that run, mostly about how Lee was probably laughing at all of us and thinking how crazy we were for running that distance let alone in that heat!

The father of the guy that puts on the run comes out every year and has his motor home set up and food and drinks and every ones family comes out and all the guys share stories about Lee and it is just really amazing feeling to be around a group of grown men that for a day will talk about their feelings(if they read this they may kill me). Kenyan has been working with this group of guys now for 5 years going on 6, and they are all like family, it's a very unique bond they all have and I feel very fortunate to get to be a part of this run.

This year the race is taking place in July 3rd, which I realized last night is less than a week away, yikes!!! Im a little nervous!!! This year I am planning to do 20.1 miles which makes 33k. We are starting at 530 am before the heat index feels like 110! I will definitely be doing a follow up post to share stories from the run and tell you how my first time running that distance went!

Thanks for reading!!! We would live to hear your stories about running!!!

Happy running y'all! Lacey

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Not so smiley!

Today was one of those days that you don't smile so much running. My reason...it was 100 degrees, literally, and I'm pretty sure the humidity was 100000%, which makes it hard to breathe!

That being said, I ran my first mile in my fastest time I can remember! So once I could breathe again I did smile and I finished outside walking and only started running again once I was on my treadmill with the a/c, ceiling fan, and fan on my machine blowing on me!

So really I felt like I was running like I stole something to start and then there were smiles afterwards! Just know that even those of us who have been running a while struggle in this heat!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Can you Smile while you run?

If you had asked me this a few years ago I'd have told you NO!! When I started running it was hard and painful and I will not lie and say I loved it! I was proud that I was doing it and would often smile when I was done. After my first half I smiled a lot, but I usually didn't find myself smiling during a run.

After I had Sugar and hit the pavement again I found myself smiling more as I ran. My first run after delivery I smiled a LOT! It felt so good to be back out doing something that I realized I loved while being pregnant. It was during that time I came to see that I really loved running. I missed the challenge, missed the sweat, missed the solitude that was positive, missed the races, my running family, missed it all. While I was pregnant I dreamed I was running often, and became aware of just how much I enjoyed being out there.

Nowadays I find myself smiling a lot when I run, as I hit milestones and as I accomplish goals! I smiled a lot during my half in March, even through my marathon, then last week as I did speed work! I can honestly say now that I love running.

Some runs still suck and I don't smile at all and some days I choose not to run, which I think is good. Sometimes we have to quit the routine and do it just for the love of the sport! So try it, try to smile some when you run because you are out there hitting the pavement or the hamster wheel, you're moving and accomplishing something with every good run with every bad run. It doesn't matter how fast or how far or how often, just run!

Run like you stole something!! :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

WWP San Antonio 8k


This is a link that you can go to and donate money to the WWP which is an amazing organization! I invite you to check out the WWP website! Every time I open the page there is a picture of a different injured veteran and it immediately brings me to tears. My fingers shake as I type this.

So many injured soldiers are forgotten about when they come home from war where they have been fighting to protect our freedom and the freedom of our loved ones. At the top of the WWP page is this quote, "The greatest casualty is being forgotten."

I have been asked many times why I run, I have a lot of answers to that question. On September 16, 2012 I am running to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project! Kenyan and Bug will also be running! I told bug about the race this morning, and why we would be running and this was her response, "I'm going to run super fast to help those soldiers!" This makes me one proud runner mommy! I will definitely need to be wearing waterproof mascara this day!

I will share a couple stories about my little patriotic bug....Her godfather taught her this before she could barely say a sentence; when he asks her, "bug what are you?" and she screams "I'm an American!" I have a video of her singing every word to proud to be an American, she taught herself that song at 2 years old. It could be because that is the lullaby of choice that Kenyan sang to her as an infant. Every time I heard him singing that to her over the baby monitor it brought me to tears! It's like the song is a part of her!

Any donation helps, thank you in advance:)

Happy running y'all, Lacey

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy fathers day

If you have read any of my previous post you know that I refer to my husband as Kenyan! Why might you ask?? Because he is freakishly fast with little effort and it's just unfair! Well not really unfair, he has been running for over 30 years compared to my 8 years which is when I met Kenyan. I often think about our first run together and how I barely made it a 1/4 mile before I suggested he run ahead; and then he finished 6 miles before I had finished 4 miles! Now I am able to run at a descent pace next to him, but it still looks like he's walking when I'm giving it all I've got! Any who...

During my first half marathon I started having knee pain at around 8 miles, I still ran until then finish but it was definitely uncomfortable. Since then I've really started listening to Kenyan and correcting my form and trying to become a forefoot or midfoot striker. I'm not going to get to technical, but it totally makes sense why the impact on your joints is greater when you heel strike causing knee pain.

So yesterday was my off day from running, I had already run 27 miles for the week and planned to run mon-fri because I wanted to take sat and sun off bc it was fathers day weekend, and Kenyan was actually going to be home! (I love when my bug says is today an off day mommy or are you running today?, makes my heart smile) I decided while bug was napping I would do some plyo yoga exercises outside in the sun, it was a beautiful day. Kenyan got back from his errands right as I was about to do some sprints, so I asked him to come watch and critic me. He said ok but I'm not getting sweaty because I already took a shower.... So he told me to pick up my speed gradually from one tree to the next.(build ups)(I love when he uses technical running terms, my favorite is fartlek!) On my first attempt at a "build up" he said I have a lot of wasted movement in my arms, and that I should focus more on moving from my hips, bringing my knees up so that my legs are not moving behind me, I am putting on the brakes and slowing myself down. He said that basically I looked like a galloping horse! I remember my high school tennis coach telling me that I played tennis like a ballerina because I leaped at the ball! (sigh) He said don't take offense I am just trying to help you:) I didn't! It was invigorating, like I had a real running coach!

I loved it! For that 30 minutes, I felt like I was a young athlete training for the Olympics!

On my second pass he said my foot work was good, but I still have chicken arms:/ So he had to show me, he got sweaty:) I'm not exaggerating one bit because he's my Kenyan, he really is the perfect specimen of good running form and he makes it look so effortless! So then we proceeded to do high knees and that was fun too! I lost my balance and he said come on engage your core like you do in Yoga (LOVE HIM)! He even fussed me, I felt like I was getting yelled at by my high school cheer coach! He even gave me homework! He told me to watch videos of Usain Bolt, and how he leans forward and doesn't swing his arms behind his body, because by doing so I am basically putting on the brakes.

I had so much fun!!! And learned so much!!! I can't wait to see him coach our bug one day!!! I pray she gets his natural ability, and freakishly long legs, and makes it to the Olympics one day:)

Happy running y'all! Lacey

I took a picture of our mud room, I can say that I love buying running shoes over heels any day!!!.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summer heat does not equal defeat!!!

The summer heat has really had me feeling defeated, my pace has slowed down by a minute per mile and that has really left me mentally defeated! Even though Kenyan has told me several times that the heat and humidity will affect your pace, it was still weighing on me. I have really been focusing on staying hydrated but it still wasn't helping. I did a ten mile run yesterday carrying a water bottle part of the way and managed to average a 9:30 mile but the whole time I kept thinking about my last half marathon pace of 8:42(which I hope to bring down to 8 by October).

I may not have a good run tomorrow, but I sure did today!!! And really any run is a good run:)

I have never done an outdoor tempo run without Kenyan pushing me. I have had some very successful tempo runs on the treadmill, because to me it's way easier to set the speed and run even though I loathe the treadmill it does have a purpose. I especially enjoy when my bug is sitting on her lil stool next to me cheering GO FASTER MOMMY!!!

Fastest outdoor 4 miler=34:24!!!!!!! BAM!!! Summer heat does not equal defeat!!!8:21, 8:42, *insert peptalk to self*, 8:39, 8:38!!!

But of course in my bugs eyes I'm the faster runner:) She will tell me mommy you are super fast, you are even faster than daddy:) I wish! One day I'll catch Kenyan! Maybe when he's 70 and I'm 60!

Happy running y'all, Lacey

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Happy day after national running day!

Well I have started working part time at a local running store. Bug will be going to pre-k in the fall and since we live about 30 minutes from her school, I needed a way to use my trips to town wisely and make some extra cash. Bug has been going to summer camp at her school to ease the transition if starting big girl school, she loves it! I was really worried about changing her schedule since she still will take a 3 hour nap at home, but she is adjusting fabulously and can't wait to go back to camp and see her friends:)

I am really enjoying working at the running store and talking with people that have been running for years, and encouraging new runners to keep up the good work!

The humidity has been absolutely dreadful!!! For some reason I just do not remember the humidity ever affecting me like this before, maybe it's because I'm getting closer to the big 3-0! Agh!!! A guy came in the store yesterday who had just started running, and definitely needed more than a minimus shoe, and it was so great helping someone get started. I enjoy being able to be real with people, and tell them how running is always a challenge and that is what drives our want, our "addiction" if you will. Running does become addictive, you become addicted to the unknown of what the next run might bring.

I can not say enough how much I enjoy/cherish/love!!!!! There is really is just not quite the word to capture how awesome it feels to be an active running family! It truly warms my soul to know that Kenyan and I have a little runner in our bug!!! She just oozes with pride at the finish of a race, such an amazing feeling for a mom to see that look on your child's face!

I just think it is so awesome that there are more and more organizations encouraging runners of all ages and athletic ability, running is really only a competition against yourself in my opinion, well and for me against Kenyan! It's just unfair how freakishly fast he is! I hope bug gets his running legs!!!

I celebrated national running day with a nice little 4 miler, since I had done 8 the day before. The humidity was killer, but I'm satisfied with what I accomplished!

How did y'all celebrate national running day???
Happy running y'all!!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

National Running Day!!!

Happy National Running day from Do Mommies Wear Running Shoes! How are you celebrating?!?

I'm planning on a run this afternoon with Sugar in the BOB! Looking forward to logging some miles! Maybe working on some speed to get ready for my 5K on Saturday!

My race Saturday benefits the NICU at LSUHSC in Shreveport. If you're interested in donating or running just google "Run for Sarah, Shreveport". A family lost their baby girl after the mom was in a wreck while pregnant, so in her memory they are raising money for the NICU to buy another transport unit! Obviously, this story touched my heart, so of you want to help please do! I adore running for a cause! :)

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Rocket kids rookies

A few months back while bug and I were sprinting down the street where we live, someone came up to me and asked me; "why I run, what was my motivation?"
Well, I could give you probably 100 reasons; but there is one in particular that ranks pretty high... Deni said this in her post yesterday, she wanted her daughter to remember her mommy as always working out, and having a sweaty mommy!!! I could not have said it any better!
I am so glad that there are organizations like rocket kids, and girls on the run that promote running and triathlons for little kids! I truly hope that these type of organizations give our girls the strength not only physically but mentally to be them! To just be themselves and have confidence to do what they do! I love that there is a new mantra out there, "fit is the new skinny!" I hope that this alleviates lots of struggles that many of us as adults have had to overcome. I remember as a kid not wanting to go to my gymnastics meet because I was to worried what others would think of me and embarrassed I might fall off the beam. My first few races I had those same type of nerves, wondering what others thought as I ran by, I did not even smile in my race picture of my first 10k because I was to nervous to even be excited about my accomplishment of running 6.2 miles. My bug has more confidence in her 3 1/2 year little self than I have ever had! She has run a few 1 mile fun runs, and the look of pure joy and excitement on her faces she crosses the finish line and everyone is cheering for her is truly one of those priceless moments!

Yesterday in the car as we are headed to pick up "her packet," she said am I going to be in the jogging stroller for part of the race, I said no bugga this is your race. She said well where will you be, I said well mommy is going to be right next to you, she said I'm going to be racing other little kids, and I said yes, and then she said well I'm going to beat them because I'm super fast!

She found out about the race last weekend, Kenyan mentioned it to her and he said she was so excited! So I immediately registered her for it, not thinking about the fact that kenyan wS having oral surgery the day before and I would be the one swimming, biking, and running along side her! But, I will do just about anything for my bug, and I'm really going to try to bot cry the whole time! I don't think she actually realized that this was her race until we picked up "her packet" with "her race number!" She was extremely excited about the water bottle!

Post race recap:
To describe this event in one word I would simply say AWESOMENESS! The support and race coordinators did an amazing job! It was an amazingly well put on race!

Bug was beyond excited and raring to go when I woke her up at 6:10! We had to leave by 6:30, and we got there right on time! It was super official, I mean they even wrote her number on her arm! The water was freezing! We were both ready to be out of that water and running to the bike transition area! Bug had a little fall on the bike, but got right back up and was ready to go! The run was easy peasy! She sprinted the whole way!!! I will probably tear up Seeing her cross the finish line of every race she ever does, she is truly a gift from God and Kenyan and I are beyond blessed to be her parents!

What a great way to start a Saturday!!! Now the lil triathlete is asleep, and Kenyan and I are taking turns getting our run in!!!

Happy running y'all!

Thursday, May 31, 2012


A lot of runners I talk to say that they have to have a goal to stay motivated, and I must agree. I know some people can just go out and run 6 miles a day with nothing but the joy to drive them. I crave running just like the other crazies, but I am just too scattered to go out with no goal in mind.

What do you do after a full? Some looneys say another, and again, I'd have to agree, BUT not anytime soon, so in the meantime, what will be my next goal?

I decided that it's speed! Around where I live you can find a 5K pretty much every weekend, so I decided its too hot for super long running for me right now (I'm a pansy, not gonna lie), so I'd utilize these 5Ks and try for PRs!

Honestly, I can't remember what my actual PR is in a 5K, but I've broken an hour in a 10K, therefore my goal next weekend is to break 30 mins for my 5K. Foxy says I'll do that no problem, the clincher this time is that I'll have Sugar with me in the BOB (have I mentioned how much I love this thing???)! It's one thing to run full out on my own, but a completely different ball game with the stroller. I'm also concerned that there will be some hills on this course, we shall see!

Today I took to the trail here, in midday with Sugar in the BOB & did speed work. I looked online & basically got the instruction to do 400s at 8 seconds below your desired goal pace. Which would be 2.25 mins for me or 2min 15sec for 400m, which is a quarter mile. The first few I didn't time specifically, just pushed it for the distance. Then I started mixing it up and would run hard (as fast as I could still breathe) for .1 miles, then walk .1, and did that for a while, then back to .25 miles & so on. We took a break in the middle so Sugar could swing a few minutes!

It was SO.MUCH.FUN!!! Yes, I'm one of those crazy people that thinks pushing yourself to impossible limits is fun, and you know what, every time I sped up Sugar would giggle and kick her legs. She is my personal cheerleader! And when I was done I felt strong, healthy, powerful! Those are things mommies should strive to be, not skinny and perfect and always put together!

I want Sugar to remember mommy sweaty and smiling when she's older. I hope she can always say, "I can't remember my mom not working out and she was always more fun afterwards!"! That's my ultimate goal!!!

What's your current goal?

Monday, May 21, 2012

Left, left, left, right, left.....

Bug and I were spending the weekend out of town with Kenyan who had to work. Bug was super excited because she was going to get to use her new swimming skills!

Can I tell you, I am one very lucky mommy runner, even when Kenyan is working his butt off he still finds a way for me to run! Kenyan's plan was for me to meet him at his work after bug had taken her afternoon nap, and I could go for a run. My legs were still killing me, but I was very excited to run in this cute little town of breaux bridge! My plan was to do an easy 4 miler, and I had my new newtons to try!!! (Well of course I had already tested them in the hotel hallway!!!!)

He had warned me to not wear anything to flashy to run in, well all I had were my hot pink calf sleeves and I had to wear then bc my legs were still soooooo sore from doing 3 two a days in a row!!!...and my newtons are hot pink...so....I joked and asked him if I should run in a sweat suit, he said that was not necessary:)

So I pull up to Kenyans work and there is about 30 soldiers standing outside....I see Kenyan, but I'm not about to get me and bug out of the car before texting him to come get us! My heart was racing like I was about to run some marathon! So Kenyan gives me the route to run and there I am standing on the corner waiting for my gps to acquire....because in my mind a run didn't really happen unless u have it stored on your watch! Ha!

So I'm feeling great, legs still a little sore, new shoes feeling phenomenal!
It was extremely hot out, but there was a little bit of a breeze. At around 1.5 miles I started having period cramps(yuck!) I kept trying to push through and run harder, but the cramps were pretty bad, so I decided to just do 3.1 instead of 4 and I was ok with that. I got yelled at 3 times by people driving by, and surprisingly all 3 people said the same thing; "keep it up!" This is such a sweet little town! A man weed eating his yard even stopped when I ran by, so as not to fling anything at me, I thought that was super nice too!

Well I finish up my run back at Kenyan's work, and bug is having a blast playing some big girl games with "big girls" as she says:) Kenyan comes over and asks me how it was, and I tell him hot, but a pretty place to run. Then I ask him why he did not tell me there would be 30 soldiers standing there?!? He said awe it doesn't matter...and then tells me one of the guys said sir, I can't believe you made your wife go run in this heat?!? That same guy suggested I go run with the soldiers for their PT test in the morning, but as fun as that sounded I had to head back home early in the morning.

Kenyan even ate fried fish! Kenyan never eats fried food! Bug on the other hand is part Cajun, and loves some fried fish ever since having it at her papas! I had some too, it was probably the best fried fish I'd ever eaten in my life!

Hope y'all enjoyed my story! Happy running y'all!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

2 a day= man I'm whooped!

So the bug is in swim lessons and during her lesson they do not allow parents to watch. They offer a 30 minute crossfit class for parents, so I was very excited about that! I really enjoyed it, it was a great workout! I still felt like I should run on the treadmill during naptime, so I did a slower paced 4 miles. I was kinda feeling like a super mom with all the things I had accomplished yesterday, Sams and Walmart in one day...thankfully I was full of endorphins bc Walmart gives me extreme anxiety! Bug requested her new book Brave before naptime(great book, based on new Disney movie about mom and daughter relationships) it was a long book, we were both falling asleep, however I mustered up some energy got dinner prepared to start once I was done on the treadmill, and by 5 when Kenyan was getting home I had dinner done and the bug was still napping, swim lessons wore her out! I gave my report to Deni who is also a rocking supermom!!!

ARE YOU MOM ENOUGH!!! Kidding!!!!

I may have this type of productivity once a week! Being a supermom is what you feel works for you and your family! Do not let one some one else does influence your thoughts or ideals on being a great mommy or wife! We are all individuals, however a good workout is great for every mommy mood!

Today is the day after, and I'm sooo sore! Definitely no two a day for me today!

Happy running y'all!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

More Marathon Pics

I realized that I had pics from the race on my "big girl" camera, not just my iPhone, so I thought I'd share a few of those...

Sugar and Foxy waiting on Mommy
Here comes Mommy and Juju

Mommy is all done!

Julie is really excited about her cheeseburger!

Family photo (don't you love Sugar's running outfit?)

Seriously, best cheeseburger EVER!!!


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

SOLEmates!!!(get it)--Accountability partners

I know I'm so cheesy! It ain't easy being cheesy! OK enough of that!

So Deni and I started this blog as a way to not only share our thoughts and experiences with running, but also as a way to possibly motivate other moms to run. It has also helped keep me motivated!

I read a little article from active.com about misconceptions of runners and of course the one that stuck out to me was how if you have a family you must miss a lot of time with them. That is so not the case for Deni or myself. I usually run before most of the world is awake(well not lately bc of SNAKES! Yikes!!!) so I've been running on the treadmill during naptime, or outside during naptime if Kenyan is home. Me and my bug also run together if the day permits, and we also cross train together. We do yoga together all the time, and we also do some plyo metrics or set up a fun obstacle course(which is definitely a work out!)

Any who, there are ways to get your RUNS DONE(I love to rhyme!)

Having someone you check in with and have to cheer you on is a great way to stay motivated! As I get closer to the big 3-0!!!! My hormones must be changing because I tear up so easily! Well I got a great lil happy in the mail from my SOLEmate!!! I about boo hooed! So most of you know I am married to a Kenyan(not really, he's just super fast!)

Accountability partners are definitely great if they are your neighbor, or sister, or best friend that you get to see everyday; but they can also live on a completely different state and make you feel just as motivated! I still do not LOVE the treadmill but it holds a place in my workouts, because I'm trying really hard to get super speedy and catch up to Kenyan. I may not accomplish this in 2012, but hopefully by 2013!!!! So I will usually send Deni a message saying how much I hate the treadmill as I'm standing on it staring at the start button! Running is such a MENTAL game, when you realize that you can run further than you ever dreamed!!!

We love your feedback and question:)
Happy running y'all!!!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Girls on the run 5k = Great saturday!

Our morning started very atypical...I was actually on time! Well that is until we get half way down the road and bug says where's my race number??? Thankfully she has a good memory! I
always tell her what we need at the store, and she really helps me remember! Thank goodness she said something, bc I probably would not have remembered!

I registered for this race a while back knowing Kenyan would be working, and it would just be me and the bug. I knew I'd be pushing her in the BOB. She was super excited, and the minute she woke up was ready to put on her running gear!

Girls on the run is an amazing organization! Also Run Louisiana, you should look them up!!! I look forward to leighton being old enough to be a part of girls on the run one day! I think they start in 4th grade. I heard several mentors chatting with little girls as they ran along side them, I teared up several times, amazing amazing I tell you! This was a lot of these little girls first time ever running that distance, and it was HOT! I take for granted how far I've come has a runner, many people still have a difficult time running a 5k, thanks to bug and Kenyan I am a way better runner than I would be with out them! I got in the back so I didn't run into the back of anyone's feet, bug said we needed a horn...I laughed out loud! It was definitely a challenging course for pushing the BOB, but it was just a fun run:) I told bug when we got close to the finish I would let her run. It is the most amazing feeling seeing everyone cheer for her and high five her! She loves it! You can feel the pride exuding from her little body! I again teared up!

At the end of the race I gave her her medal and kissed her, she said mom I love your sweaty kisses! I teared up again! I know I tear up a lot!!! I can not imagine what her first day of pre-school will be like!!!!

There were little girls singing on the stage, very talented might I add! Leighton thought we were at a concert, I again teared up to see the look of excitement on her face!!! We danced and sang, and bug even did her first line dance! Thank goodness she has her dads rhythm! Then we waited in line for the photo booth, SO MUCH FUN!!! It amazes me to see her interact with other adults, it's like she's not even 3 1/2! She is my little BFF, and an awesome running partner as well!!!

I know this post wasn't all about running, but I wanted to share this because running is such a great way to connect with your family and your local community!

So get out there and RUN!!! Happy running y'all!!!

Please leave feedback, or if you have any questions!

Monday, April 30, 2012

Marathon Report

So I know some people are wanting to hear the nitty gritty on the Full...

Well, it's done!!!

Ok, that's not all! Here's my experience. Training for this beast became a headache, it sorta took the fun out of my running because I felt so pressured to "do" just the right things. I actually ended up tired of running. My body was worn down and in the end I rested more beforehand than my "plan" said to. Truthfully (for me) I think that paid off big time!

Training for a marathon is mental. Honestly, your body CAN do it, but your mind will jack with you CONSTANTLY! Did I train enough? Could I do more? Did I over train? Am I eating enough (note to self: I was NOT!!!)? Am I sleeping enough? When can I do this run or that run? Can I find someone to run with me? Do I even want someone to run with me? What if I get injured? What do I do now that I'm injured? And for mommies, who will watch my kid/kids (because past like 8 miles pushing a stroller is TOUGH)?

The list goes on and on and on and on!!!! But the basic truth is this... It's not a matter of can you, but Will you? It takes more mental determination than anything else. Having a serious support system helps, honestly, that made a ton of difference for me! People were constantly encouraging me and my husband never let me try to quit!

As for the actual race, well, it was NOT ideal! My half in NOLA in March was (in my opinion) pure perfection! Started out at like 49 degrees, ended around 60, slightly overcast, low humidity, just perfect!

Yesterday, was a completely different story! We started at about 68 degrees (ending closer to 90), completely overcast, literally like 80% humidity (that continually got worse), then it started raining! Soggy feet around mile 11, then hills that weren't predicted really made it less than perfect. Honestly I think miles 8-15 were uphill, yes it was gradual, but just when you thought you reached the top of a hill and would get a reprieve going down, nope, just a plateau and then up some more! Luckily I had found a new gel to take that didn't upset my stomach, so no issues there (2nd Surge for those curious). The hydration stations were awesome! Crowd support was amazing, our shirts made it even better (Big Thanks to Cayenne Marketing for getting those fine things done for us!!!). Honestly, the reviews for this marathon were spot on!! Oklahoma City provided a stellar race, well organized, more than adequately prepared, great crowd support, fun atmosphere, and a great cause to race for!

But the rain and hills were a lot to deal with, however, we kept a pace we were happy with for way longer than we had hoped.

Tummy troubles plagued Julie and we had to take a potty break, but that still didn't slow us down too bad. My right shoe was tied too tight initially and apparently bruised a tendon on the front of my ankle, so loosening it up multiple times did not help. Still we plugged on.

A friend of mine ran his first full the Sunday before and said to remember that mile 20 was halfway. Truer words have never been spoken because that is honestly where the wind went out of our sails and that last 10K felt like an ETERNITY!!!!!!

We walked at water stations because we both choke if we don't (I still did, even walking)! But had not walked other than that before mile 20. Around mile 22, which is the point where you're sure you are dead we walked longer after the hydration stations. Miles 22-24 were tough tough tough!! We felt dead, those last 2.2 miles felt like they would NEVER end!!! I am happy to report we did not walk up a single hill, we ran them all, even at mile 25 (albeit slower I'm sure!)! The last .1 I think we sprinted, well, it felt like sprinting anyhow, and Julie's mom said we went so fast she almost missed us! I'll take it! ;)

Crossing that finish line was surreal, so surreal in fact, that it almost seems like it didn't happen. It feels kinda like a dream, but the good kind where you wake up feeling like a total bad ass!!

So, my assessment yesterday...I told Julie at mile 24 I'd never make her do this again. She promised she would never do it again. Back at the hotel Foxy said he knew I'd do another, Sus texted and said she's said never again 4 times now (so far #4 has stuck), and I said I couldn't imagine why anyone would do it more than once.

Today I woke up with really no more pain than I've had with previous races. I'm not miserable (aside from how gross my feet are with the missing toenails, did I mention how much I hate that?!?) and I know why people do them again. To see if you can do it better, faster, more efficiently. So, I'll never say never. Lacey says with her in January--she's too fast! And I'm not ready to train again, but never is a strong word, so we'll see. (Pretty sure Julie is sticking with NEVER!!)!

I want to thank everyone who encouraged me along the way, especially Foxy, my sister, Sugar (with just her smiles and love of the stroller), Julie, Lacey, Skinner, and the Stinsons. Thanks to the people who watched my baby so I could run, Shawn, Emily & Johnny, our awesome sitters (in Shreveport and Tyler)! Thanks to my husband for the treadmill so that I could run inside while Sugar napped! Without support it would not have been possible, especially with a baby.

I am not suggesting doing this to anyone, but if you ever decide you want to run a marathon, I'll encourage you the whole way! After 7 halves and this full, I can say halves are WAAAAY more fun and I plan on doing a LOT more of them! I'm looking forward to finding a few fun 5Ks and 10Ks in the near future though! ;)

(If you have any questions, comment below or email us twomommiesrun@gmail.com)!