Wednesday, July 4, 2012

33 for Lee Recap

We got started right before 6am. The temperature was actually really nice through out the run, even breezy at some points. I was thinking Lee definitely gave us those cooler temps, since the week prior almost everyday hit 100!!! At the start of the run all 30(apx) runners ran together for the first 2.5 miles. It was really cool getting to run with "the guys." Everyone was joking and telling stories and I forgot my headphones were in a few times so I talked really loud! Ha! Not me:)

The first 5miles felt like they came and went in no time, after the 2.5 mile mark I ran with Kenyan and two other guys which was really cool because I was able to keep pace with them, even though it was a slow pace for them! The plan was to do 4- 5 mile loops around the smaller lake. Oh and I forgot to mention, someone stole our ice chest! I hope it was someone who was really in need of an ice chest full of cold water!

On the second loop I told Kenyan to go ahead, I didn't want to try and run a faster pace and feel sluggish towards the end, because it was just a fun run and a distance to see if I could complete it. So he left me, and I never saw any of the other guys again. At 12 miles I realized I WAS going to finish, and I teared up. A wave of emotion came over me and I thought about all the people running and how they were running in remembrance of Lee, and that's when I really teared up. The guys are of all different athletic ability, but for this one day they join together to run distances that they have never run before in memory of a fellow soldier and good friend.

Up to 15 felt like a piece of cake well not really, but I didn't struggle until the last 5 miles. The last 1.5 miles were brutal, I have never had a cramp in my calf during a run, so that was a first.

After I was done running I sat, well kinda moaned then sat and enjoyed watching bug and all the other kiddos out there playing. One of the guys dads brings a motor home and has food and everyone sits around and chats, it's always a fun time listening to all the guys joke and pick on each other. It was especially funny watching bug "fuss" one of the guys for saying stupid, which is a bad word! She put her hands on her hips and told him that was not a nice word and he should not say it!

After everyone packed up and cleared out we headed to the pool, I don't think cold pool water has ever felt soooo good!

Happy running y'all! Lacey

PS, to my surprise I was able to walk this morning(the next day) so I decided it would be a good idea to go to yoglates and work out all the kinks, so glad I did!!!

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