Saturday, July 7, 2012

It's getting hot in here!!!

The bugs godfather wanted to keep her for the night, so Kenyan and I got to have a date night which never happens! So we decided to make the best use of our time, and get to bed early and get in a workout in the morning before heading to get bug.

Well, I had convinced Kenyan to come with me to yoglates!!! Yoglates is done in a studio that gets over 95 degrees! You drip with sweat after 10 minutes! It is the most amazing workoutIi have ever experienced! I was sooooo excited!!!! I've been trying to get him to go for over 2 years and finally!!!! His plan was to go to the 8:30 class then go run 4 miles, I thought he was CRAZY but I just went with it. He did great in the class! I was so impressed!! He did admit that it was tough and actually said he would like to go again!!!

****I forgot I had to add that Kenyan kept asking why it had to be so hot, he was soaking wet after class and felt he should mop the floor for them****

He still wanted to run 4 miles, so i ate a banana laced up my shoes and off we went! I was very nervous about not finishing and passing out and waking up in an ambulance to the smell of ammonia!!! Kenyan said come on you made me a stronger yogi, now let me make you a stronger runner! Well that's like saying you better not stop running!!

At 3 miles I was thinking he must have gotten an extra life insurance policy!!! So I picked up the pace and I finished that 4 miles and man did I feel tough! We even chatted most of the run! At the end he said now thats how you train!

I feel so great!!!!

Happy running y'all! Lacey

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