Friday, August 10, 2012

Olympic Fever!!!!

These runners are so freaking amazing!  I think I've cried more in the past few days watching them (mostly the women) win medal after medal after medal!  I'm not sure how you even get to go to the Olympics, but I want to go!  I want to get out there and win a gold for the USA!  I'm extremely patriotic, these women are my running heroes.

I'm not sure how much anyone else is following all of the running, but the women's marathon had 116 (I think, I know the most EVER) women start the race,  and a few had to drop out including our own Desiree Davila (due to a hip flexor injury that happened a month ago, can you imagine training all that time, then having to stop a few miles in like that?).  Our other two Americans finished 10th and 11th, seriously, Kara Goucher's (Lacey's hero) has a baby that is not even two years old and she came in 11th in the freaking Olympic marathon!!!!

I'll say this, it's pretty obvious that I'm not that beast (however I dream in my head), but watching them run in the rain I really felt for them.  My (only) marathon was in rain very similar and when I tell you that that changes everything, honestly it does.  I'll give you a comparison, mine took me 5:11 (that is hours and minutes peeps) and these women finished in 2:26--the whole freaking marathon in less than half the time it took me!  The course was FULL of curves and twists and crazy crap, then add in the rain and these women are so hardcore it makes my teeth hurt!

Did you know that the relay they ran tonight was in WORLD RECORD time--they (women) got the first gold since 1996 in that race, and the demolished the world record! They didn't beat it by a few seconds, but by nearly a minute.

Also, one of our Americans got tripped in the 1500m and completely fell and didn't get up!  All of that work, all of that training and someone tripped her (quite obviously not on purpose, but I still would have wanted to beat that girls butt)!!! It to me is gut-wrenching to watch someone lose their dreams like that, in a moment.

I'm also watching the men do the 4X4 relay and one of our men was shot IN THE LEG like 4 years ago and still made it to these Olympics! WHAT?!!?  One of the guys who helped qualify us for the finals of this race broke his fibula during that qualifying leg, yeah, got us to the finals while running on a broken leg (broke during the race).  Um, my leg kinda hurts, oh yeah, it's broken!!  Um, yeah, we still qualified for the finals!  Our men have held the gold on this relay for 60 years, but tonight got silver--BOO HISS!  But they ran their hearts out!  Plus that super fabulous Pitorius ran in the relay, who is he you ask, a freaking DOUBLE AMPUTEE!  How awesome is that?!!?

I need to go to sleep because I am running in the morning and I'm too pumped up!  Dang you Olympics, you're making my sleep even worse!!!!!  Too much fabulousness on the track y'all!!

So, in the am I'll be running like I stole something with one of my favorite college ladies who completed her first half earlier this year--made my heart smile for real!!

Run run run, maybe you or your daughter will bring us home a gold one day!!!!

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  1. where are you running on Saturday? Good Luck and stay Safe! :) ♥