Saturday, August 18, 2012

I love a 10 miler!!!

Haha! But seriously I do! Having dealt with infertility and loss for years, being able to bust out a 10 miler makes me feel semi in control of my body. It's a bit a my own personal "Booya" to infertility!!

This morning I planned to start 10 @ 7am, but it was storming here and I'm actually scared to run in wet because I don't want to fall, but actually the lightening kept me at bay.

When Sugar went down for her morning nap I decided to tackle the beast! My longest run since my full in April (was it really that long ago?!? I'm still feeling pretty proud of that!!). Typically starting a long run at 10:30am in August is misery, but...

Dear Storm, Thank you for bringing in lower temperatures so my run started around 74* with a pleasant breeze!! Sincerely, Mama on a 10 mile run!

It was nice and I ran faster than I intended, and my sister brought me water because she's awesome!! I ran the hills here, which can be brutal but also make me feel strong.

Do I really love a 10 miler? The truth is yes!!!! I love saying "yeah I ran 10 miles this morning!" and still being able to walk, busting out a few dance moves during it, and knowing where I started versus where I am now! It's satisfying!!

No matter where you are, how fast or how slow, get out there and see what you can accomplish because you never know how much you can do until you try!

Enjoy the run!

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