Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Half PR

I'm gaining on Lacey!! Hahahaha!  I'm not gonna catch her, but at least I came in under two hours 1:56:51 to be exact!  How fun.  Not gonna lie, I'm still relishing in it today, and may do so for a while!!!

I ran with a super runner mommy, who is one of my favorite people for a million reasons.  She's kinda my hero because she's older than me as runs like she's 20!  A few years ago, she was playing indoor soccer and broke the crap out of her leg, I mean it was serious!  Many people would've quit trying to run, would've thrown in the towel and been defeated, but many people wouldn't have been her!  She and her husband  (who is running 50 marathons in 50 states, because well, he's insane!) are in the process of adopting two children from Haiti, who are 8 & 10 and she runs I think to keep her sanity because she has three other children!  She fits most of her runs in on the treadmill, she says she prefers that, but let me just tell you what a machine she is...

She has run so many halves she can't remember the number
She has run like 7 fulls, including the Marine Corps, which is hard core!
She is a military wife, and lived through seminary with her husband (some people may not understand that significance, but it is a challenging thing!!)
She rarely uses any gels or anything, so imagine how fast she would be if she did!?!?
Without speed work and with a nagging ankle pain she ran that half with me like it was no body's business!

We've wanted to run together for a while, but I now know that until now I couldn't have kept up with her speediness!  Also, since she's a youth director she has a hard time making races that are on Sundays, so thank you Oklahoma City for my second memorable race especially for making it on a Saturday!!!

As for the race itself, the only complaint that I had for this one was that there was no sports drink on the course or afterwards.  That is hard when you are used to having sports drink.  Otherwise a fabulous race, nice flat course, beautiful run, and thankfully unlike the full, the weather was picture perfect as well!  OKC seems to be very runner friendly, so I highly recommend heading there for a race if you're looking!

Pumped about that finish--nice hair!

All done, need gatorade or something!

Love a good race and a neon shirt!

Ready to run!
Happy running y'all!!!

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