Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Trail Run

Lacey and I have many things in common, one is an obsessive fear of snakes! Yesterday Rhonda and I took to some trails that run right beside the Red River. It was a beautiful day and being back in the woods it was cool enough to be enjoyable! Rhonda shares our snake phobia, and insisted I run in front of her. No problem, I got this, right?!?

Y'all we are trucking, along chatting it up, enjoying the morning and I jump sky high! Pretty sure that I jumped and turned 180 degrees in one fluid motion, there was a HUGE!!!! HUGE!!! HUGE!!! Snake laid across the trail, and no sir, he was NOT dead! I'd say his diameter was equal with a mason jar and about 2 feet of him was stretched across the path and who knows how much more was coiled up behind that! We were screaming like middle school girls being caught rolling someone's house (not that that's ever happened to me)! We both spun around and ran faster possibly than we have ever run before, all the way out to the paved path!

While I'm still determined to tackle Hell's Hills, I'm quite a bit more nervous now! On our run yesterday we just sprinted back the way we had come in a hurry (fairly certain my HRM read 220), but during a half that won't be possible. I'm starting the prayers now that all snakes will be cleared from the trail before I spot them!

Run Happy y'all!

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  1. Yeah, I really did not even think about snakes being on the trail....Can we wear snake boots to run???