Saturday, March 24, 2012

Pelicans love MJ...apparently!

My race morning prep started with my coffee and pb and agave nectar sandwich. I got up way early so I could be on time...well so I thought. My dad has this lil joke about the man that thought... I will leave it to your imagination. Well, apparently there were two races in Mandeville today, and we went to the wrong race! So I missed the 8am start time of the 5k. No biggie:) Today was not really about me racing it was about my niece, and bug running the one mile fun run. This was my nieces first race, she was feeling a little under the weather, but she decided to run and did a great job!

Bug, who is 3 1/2 finished with a time of 13:38!!! For one mile!! Woohoo! She was doing great, and looking super cute! Kenyan and I ran with her, great great family time!!! She was not feeling so peppy towards the end, but as luck would have it, MJ saved the day! Yep, thats right! As we were coming up to the finish with about 1/4 mile left to go, beat it was playing at the finish line! With the look of pure excitement that came across her face, you would've thought he was there in the flesh. So she sprinted all the way to the finish like the song was her anthem, her power song! Like they had played that song just for her! It was truly one of those priceless parenting moments! She could not wait to tell nani(SIL) about how Michael helped her win the race!!! Michael Jackson!!!

SIL watched the girls so Kenyan and I could go for a quick run, since we missed the 5k;) We hardly ever get to run together anymore so it was really nice, and he pushes me to go faster so I really enjoy it when we get to run together! I felt strong, legs felt great, but there was a lil issue of some MENstrual cramps. I told Kenyan at about two miles, he said here is where you push yourself, this is what makes you stronger (cue Kelly Clarkson singing what doesn't kill you makes you stronger!!!) at the last leg of your races. So I sucked it up and ran on! We did our first mile in 8:20, 2nd 8:30, 3rd in 9:( but he kept saying come one pick it up, this is where your finishing strong and passing people up at the finish(I LOVE him so much!) I was really kinda hurting but I managed to get the 4th mile in 8:40!

At the end he said great job.....BUT, I know you could've pushed harder! Love that motivation! And next time I will! My fastest 4 mile time is 34, on the treadmill. Kenyan can do 4 in 32 for an easy run! Ugh! EASY! So next time we get to run together, I want to surprise him with 32 min 4 miler:)
It was beautiful scenery along the Mandeville lakefront! Great Time with great family!!!

Then we took the top off the jeep and danced to MJ as a family on the way to lunch!(just the front top, so she's protected from the sun) But, Bug loves the wind blowing in her hair so we roll the windows down for her!!! She is so our kid!!!

Happy running y'all!

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