Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What came first...the chicken or the egg?!?

If you are new to running or have been running for a while you have probably come across something that said; "it is what's between your ears that makes you a better runner" or "don't listen to that little voice that tells you to stop" or "you can always go one more mile." All of this is very true!

However, even though I had free Kenyan running advice right under my own roof it took a friend bringing me to a Plyometrics class followed by a yoglates class to gain confidence in my strength and ability. Through learning these new forms of exercise it really made me a faster stronger runner. I never had a butt before, and now Kenyan says all the time that I do(in a good way;) Basic chair squats is all I do, and it has truly strengthened my legs and made me faster, well along with the fact that I started listening to Kenyan about speed workouts a d pushing myself.

Some of my favorite stretches after a run are; pigeon, crescent moon, warrior(there are 3 forms, all are great), bow pose, and splits. Also dynamic stretching is a great way to loosen up before a short run of 3-4 miles, doing 20-25 lunges before you head out, and then again when you get back.

I also shared a secret with Deni, and she thought it was great so I'll share with y'all as well. If I'm really tight and sore I will turn the heater on in my bathroom and put the shower on hot and stretch on the floor in my bathroom. Warm muscles are more flexible.

I hope this helps someone! Happy running y'all!


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