Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mommy got some new shoes!!

Today I bought Toms for the first time! I've never seen a big need for them, as I am a flip flop almost year round kinda girl!

HOWEVER... This summer won't be a flip flop summer. Why you ask?!? Because I HAVE NO BIG TOENAILS!!! Gross! I'm a pedicure every couple of weeks kind of gal. I like keeping my feet pretty and using great colors, coordinating my toes with the season (i.e. purple and gold for football, green for St. Pat's, etc). I haven't been going to get them done because I was worried about messing with my calluses and causing more foot issues. Then, the big toenails started acting crazy and I knew they were going to fall off, so then I couldn't go and let the ladies talk about my gross feet! So now, it Toms for me for the summe!! Don't worry, Sugar has some ordered too, they didn't carry tiny2 in the store here!

And for now, I'll be keeping my fingers pretty to make me feel better! Right now, they're painted to match my marathon day shirt!!!

Just so you know, I'm not a fan of losing toenails, but apparently I'm a real marathoner now ;)


  1. Deni I love my Toms! And I am excited for Cala to have some too. LF loves hers!! Good luck at the marathon and can't wait to see pictures!