Saturday, May 4, 2013

Chasing Dreams

When I first started running I was just pumped to run a mile, the 3.1, then tackle a half marathon. I had no goals in mind except finishing.

After having Sugar my goals changed, my depression lifted and I fell in love with running in a whole new way. This was *my* thing, the thing I have as a SAHM that still gives me a title separate from Mommy (which is my favorite title). I enjoyed pushing Sugar and feeling like I was teaching her something good from the beginning of her life. Then she couldn't talk or respond and mostly just slept, but I felt like it was good to get her outside and I would point out things to her or just play my music and go. After Lacey and I got closer she really started encouraging me to believe I could do new things. I remember last summer doing Run for Sarah here and pushing Sugar, but still making great time and it was freeing. It liberated me to believe that I could do more with myself and my body, that I was stronger than I ever believed! I ran that race and many before and since with Skinner. Today I got to video her little girl crossing the finish line of a 5k where she won her age group! I hope Sugar wants to run too!

My first half after Sugar's birth was a PR for me BIG time, I took 28 mins off my previous PR, that's when Lacey put on the "Coach" magic and started pushing me! I knew I wanted a sub 2hr half and I started working for it! In Sept last year I got it and I'm not sure I've ever been more proud of myself. So now I'm working on a 5K PR and I must say its a lot more fun since it takes a little less time! If only I can get this asthma under control, I know I can reach my goal!

What are your goals?!?

Run happy whatever your goals! I've started telling myself during runs...if you're not having fun, you're not doing it right!

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