Monday, February 13, 2012

Here is my sign!!!

On Saturday I got to see two phases of the Rouge-Orleans runners(126.2 ultra marathon on the levee from Baton Rouge to New Orleans). It was inspiring the dedication these runners had, and how cool that they were passing by my house! I saw them during the day time, which was 40 degrees and windy, and then at night all lit up like Christmas trees in much cooler temps and windier. I teared up as I was cheering for them, and my bug was super excited. I told her that daddy and I were going to run that next year, and told her how far it was and she said that's a lot of miles! That's when I texted Kenyan and told him we MUST do this next year! He immediately responded by saying yes, and what an awesome bonding experience! I was pumped! I wanted to go run in the cold right then, well at least sit on the porch and watch them run;)

So Kenyan said I couldn't run more than 8 miles today because I had to "taper" before my half in 2 weeks; Deni confirmed.

Bug and Kenyan were headed out to run errands, perfect time for me to get in my easy 8 miler, he also said I had to run slow and threatened to take my watch, so I didn't even have the pace on just the miles so I could know where to turn around. Well what did I see, an 8 mile marker for the Rouge-Orleans! I'm hooked I'm putting it out there for all the world to know, God willing I will be running the Rouge-Orleans next year!!! I finished my easy 8 miler in 1:14 minutes feeling great and looking forward to a PR at the Disney princess half!

Happy running y'all!

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