Monday, February 13, 2012

The THRILLER of a 15 mile run

I used to just give up on a run if it was too cold, too rainy, too hot, and especially too windy; but recently I ran 15 miles at the beach and conquered all those and then some. It was the most awesome and painful thing ever!  I was 2 weeks out from the Gulf coast half marathon, and we were at the beach over the thanksgiving holiday.  Kenyan, bug, and my SIL were going shopping so I decided to do my long run.  I started without a number in mind, but I wanted to see if I could do more than 13.1, so in my head I came up with a nice round 15.  It was beyond perfect weather conditions.  I felt as if I was teleported to heaven and this must be what it's like to run with God!...until I had to turn around at mile 9.  I kid you not, I felt as though I was running through a sand storm.  Oh, and to make matters worse, all these happy little bikers were passing me by sipping on their water, and I had none.  I had to pass a gas station to get back to the condo and I seriously contemplated going in and begging for water and leaving my wedding ring as collateral to come back and pay later!  Yes these are the crazy thoughts that sometimes occur during long runs, little oxygen going to my brain cells coupled with dehydration equals loco!  Before I turned around I was keeping a good pace, fluctuating between 8.5-9.5. When I had to turn around I was barely keeping 11 min pace!  I felt like I was pushing one of those football thingys, and the sand literally was sandblasting the skin off of my shins (literally! because later that day my skin was so smooth).  I passed up that gas station at 11 miles, 4 to go, I am a very hard headed person, I told myself 15 miles, well that meant 15 running miles, not a break to walk. When I got back to the hotel parking lot, I said to myself holy crabs!! I just ran 15 miles! My calves were on fire!!! I needed water!!! I got back to the room and everyone was just getting back, perfect timing; because I hate to miss out on anything.

It happened to be Black Friday, which I never ever shop on, and apparently the beach is the place to do your black Friday shopping. They walked right in and got all these amazing deals, including a surprise for me-a Wii and a Michael Jackson dance game!  I was so flipping excited, but then Kenyan and SIL were like, so you ready to play? Thankfully I got a three hour reprieve because it was almost time for bug's nap.  So I put bug down for a nap while Kenyan headed out for his run, then I tried to nap which never happens. Well the bug was up and SIL was like what you got, show me your moves!  She is very competitive!  So I got up and displayed my mad dancing skills, yes after running 15 miles!  Well, they wanted to dance and dance and dance some more!  Later when it was bed time for the bug, I read her books (we love Mo Willems books, if you have a little one) and I could have fallen asleep right there!  I should have just stayed in bed with bug, it would have gotten me out of dancing for the next 3 hours!  I was literally shoveling cereal in my mouth and downing water to have the energy, but the competition continued due to my extreme dance talents (so kidding).  My SIL was like you have so much rhythm, clearly she was taking shots of tequila or something,(I have no rhythm) and Kenyan swore that because he was so tall the sensor was not picking up his moves...sure;)

It was my turn for one more dance, I dug down deep to muster enough energy to crush Kenyan and SIL, and I did!(they're gonna kill me) I should end this post with a disclaimer, it is not advisable to run 15 miles and then partake in a 3 hour highly competitive game of Michael Jackson the experience; it may cause minor dehydration and soreness. However, I never turn down a challenge; even a challenge between me and myself! Challenge yourself to run that extra mile, it will pay off.

Happy running y'all!


  1. I seriously love this post! :) Mostly because I can picture you all playing the game and the picture in my head is AWESOME!!!!

  2. It was definitely a sight to see:)