Friday, February 10, 2012

Early morning runs

If you ask Kenyan he will tell you I'm not a morning person. I'm not a morning person in the sense that I do not like to talk much for at least an hour after I'm up. So I actually enjoy getting up while most of the world is still sleeping and heading out to run.

My alarm went off at 430, I tiptoed down the stairs, literally; we live in an old creaky house. I started the coffee and made my peanut butter and honey sandwich. I watched the news for a bit and then I hit the potty, put on my running gear and headed out to run. I was doing an easy 5 miler, so said Kenyan.

It was 48 degrees and starting to drizzle...bonus; shower and run at the same time, as a mom you must always multi-task! It's funny which runs feel like man that was an awesome run. Most people might think I'm crazy for running in the rain especially in 48 degree weather but it felt great and it was refreshing. I live in a very rural area with lots of critters, lots! I heard a few weird noises, but didn't see anything. Definitely helps when needing to pick up the pace! I was up before the sun, getting my run done!(I like to rhyme)

I got back to the house before anyone was awake. Score! Extra time to do core work and stretches!

As a mom you have to find time when you can to run. If its something you are passionate about, you will find time for it. For me running is my therapy, it clears my mind, and helps me to be a better wife and mommy! As a runner you get out of your run what you put into it, even on the bad runs. It takes time to develop a love for running, or a need to run; but when you do there is no turning back...well unless you see a snake!

Happy running y'all!

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