Sunday, February 26, 2012

I thought princess needed beauty sleep...

Apparently not this princess!!!! Alright I haven't even been able to post anything recently because the butterflies were too bad! It's 3:19 and I will be catching a shuttle in less than an hour! Start time is 5:45! I think I'm gonna run like I'm being chased so I can hurry back and take a nap! Well with hopes of breaking two hours! Kenyan said before bed, you are trained! You are ready! You have worked hard! Now quit messing with your music and get some sleep! This was at 11:00pm! 4 short hours ago! I like exclamation points!!!!!!!! If you couldn't tell!!!!! I hope my pandora works in case I get bored with my playlist!!!! This better be magical!!!!! Agh!!!!!!

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