Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Contest...momma needs a new pair of shoes!

I entered to win a pair of mizunos today with the following paragraph:

My FAVORITE running buddy is My husband. He has helped me develop a LOVE for running over the past 8 years.  We do not always get to run together, for one he is much faster than me(I am working on it); and two we have a 3 year old daughter.  We run as a family a lot, we take turns running during her nap time, and occasionally we will have a friend or family member around to watch our daughter so we can run together. My husband is my best friend and my running coach.  I did not always listen to his advice because I am stubborn! Since really listening to his advice and not overtraining and really pushing myself, I am the fastest that I have ever been! He has been at the finish line with my daughter cheering me on at my last two half marathons, and there is no greater feeling at the end of the race to see their two smiling faces!  To them I am the winner of that race, no matter how fast or slow! I still hope to one day run along side of my speedy husband at his pace for 26.2!

Today Kenyan wanted to surprise bug with a daddy daughter lunch for valentines day, I love that man! She was super pumped!  They were going to eat sushi, which is right by barnes and noble and I'm pretty sure she convinced him to go there too, and she will be coming home with a new book and stuffed friend!(She's so cute and really hard not to buy things for, especially since she LOVES books!)  Kenyan said its going to be a beautiful day to run, NO MORE THAN 4 MILES! (FINE, GOSH! is what I said) So I hit the levee full speed ahead, well not really, I was supposed to be taking it easy... it was a beautiful run, beautiful weather, beautiful feeling through out by body, just a great great run!

I would like to give a huge shout out to DENI!!! for rocking during her run today at a super fast pace for a 10k!!!!  We have been sending each other video clips and pictures during our runs, and that has been super fun!  So DENI is my favorite virtual running partner! I think that this is a great way to keep friends motivated to run!  I once talked for an entire hour on the phone while running!  Its great for your lungs, try it!

My Bug, is my FAVORITE running buddy for different reasons(and they don't make mizunos in her size yet, so I wanted Kenyan to win a pair too)  She has made me smile and laugh and sing, and is definitely one of the main reasons I run every day.  I want her to see us as an active happy family, and what greater way than through running.  She recently did her first one mile fun run, and the look of excitement on her face was just priceless!  She will be doing the one mile fun run the day before my princess half marathon(I already know that I am going to cry) We also found out that there is a 100m dash for 1-3 year olds, and since she is part Kenyan herself, she naturally has got that one in the bag!

Happy running Y'all!

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