Sunday, February 19, 2012

Why kid myself and Just run...

Both mornings this weekend I said I was going running at 6am. Why do I kid myself? Now had I been meeting my friends to run, I would have been there, but it's just not happening these days! Rain Saturday and a road closure, then today--pure exhaustion and a bit of divine intervention (had I gone Sugar would've been in a bad way because she woke up at 6:15 starving and Daddy had nothing!). So this afternoon I talked myself out of running twice, just tired, just wanted to lounge, just whatever my lame-o excuse was! Yes, even pain-seeking, nutty runners have days that they don't want to do it (a belly full of Mardi Gras yummy slows you down)! Finally I decided to just run!!! I didn't have time for my full 6 miles, so I decided to give myself a break and just run. When you're training for something it gets so easy to get caught up in the schedule! You get rigid, or at least I do and that is important, but not paramount. As I was reading "Marathoning for Mortals" some this weekend, I was reminded of that and sent it to my sister, forgetting to heed the message myself. So, today I took Sugar in the stroller and we hit the running trail in town and I hammered my first mile as fast as I thought I could. The next mile I sprinted/walked repeatedly, then for my final mile I pushed to see if I could do a mile with the stroller even faster, I did! It was fun and I only did 3 miles and I enjoyed it, feeling accomplished and slightly liberated afterwards. Running is hard both physically and mentally, but it shouldn't be miserable. If you're totally not enjoying yourself, mix it up, give yourself a break, try something new! Don't let your hobby become work, then you'll just have two jobs, that's no good!!! Run on runner!

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