Friday, February 10, 2012

Bad runs

Some people say that there are no bad runs.  I agree in the point that a bad run is certainly better than no run at all.  BUT, I have OFF runs.  That's what I call them, the ones where you just never hit your stride, you feel awkward, you wonder if your gait looks at goofy as it feels, you can't breathe right, your socks are crooked, it's too hot, too cold, to sunny, just an OFF run.  I love and hate these runs for many reasons...

1. I love them because if you just keep going you have that sense of accomplishment in something that you actually just wanted to quit!

2. I love them because they make me appreciate the good ones even more.

3.  I love them because they make you stronger.

4.  I hate them because they are awkward.

5.  I hate them because sometimes you finish feeling more frustrated than when you started.

6.  I hate them because usually I cannot pin point why it was OFF.

However, I do love knowing that OFF runs happen to the best of us, the most dedicated, the most fit, the fastest, and the best trained!  I consider Lacey a bit of a hard core runner, she's certainly faster than me and looks the part, so when we both commented that today was an OFF run for both of us (in two separate states, two different distances, two different paces, and two different people), it was comforting to know we weren't alone!!!  These runs happen and they make us better, they make us keep pushing forward for that next GREAT run, which I hope we blog about more than OFF ones!

This is my bad run re-cap for this day:
Today started out just like any other early morning run. I wake up have a cup of coffee, a peanut butter and honey sandwich, and I go potty. I felt good heading out, felt strong. I synced my gps watch, adjusted my shoes one more time, and started out. It was right before the sun came up and that's always a little scary around here due to the fact that we live in the country! There are all sorts of varmin out here. I have even seen baby foxes. At two miles I was still feeling good and then at 3 as the sun was coming up I thought this is a great start to my day, then at 3.5 I swear I heard and felt every foot step.  It was not peaceful or relaxing.  I was not keeping my pace, which was also frustrating. I tried to let my thoughts wander, but I just continued to hear every footstep. Right at 8 miles I was telling that little voice in my head, ok get over this and just run! Finish strong and feel proud.  I mean you just ran 8 miles, come on, pick up the pace! And yes, I do talk to myself on runs.  I also sing and sometimes dance depending on what type of mood I'm in.

OFF runs to me are exactly like Deni said you just never hit your stride and are sometimes even more frustrated than when you started.  Becoming a runner is more about your mental strength than physical strength, some people may say yeah right.  The thing about running is that no one is forcing you to do it.  It is something you have chosen for one reason or another, be it weight loss or perhaps a friend talked you into running a 5k.  I think races are a great way to stay motivated to run.

**This was Wednesday***

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